Eco friendly computing: Keep it green with the Lawn PC


This is one patch of grass you’ll definitely need to keep off of. Despite what it may look like this isn’t a computer/allotment with a real patch of grass sprouting out the top. The idea of the Lawn PC is so seriously far-fetched that it’s obviously a concept – a futuristic solar powered concept. It’s a completely wireless PC that gets rid of the need for an electrical outlet. This is where that peculiar patch of lawn comes in. As long as it’s catching some rays, the grass will collect and store its own power from the solar cells embedded in it. Now the grass isn’t the same stuff you’d find in your back garden, it’s made form natural cotton fabric (so they’re biodegradable) which carries inkjet printed solar cells.

The hundred of blades produce all the power your green machine needs at the rate of around 60 watts per hour. The grass is also removable to enable you to keep up with system upgrades.

Its innards are green too, with a CPU made from plastics infused with bio batch additives. Perplexed? Well, basically this material allows the plastic to decompose when you’re ready to dispose of it, when the next big thing comes along perhaps, or you’ve had enough of insects thinking it’s a real patch of grass. There’s no need for a fan either, the natural air flow between the strands of grass is enough to keep it cool. Like any plant, the Lawn PC needs plenty of air and sunlight, but obviously not water, unless you want to see what happens when water and computer equipment combine.

It even connects wirelessly to the monitor. Due to the lack of wireage the Lawn PC could essentially and easily be placed anywhere to receive the optimal amount of light. And like most solar powered gadgets a backup plug will be supplied.

Who knew the power of grass could be so potent? If designer David Veldkamp has anything to do with the future of PC’s, they’re going to be green.


[via Eco Friend]

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Lucy Hedges