Can't afford iPod speakers? Take a look at the CupSpeakers


If you had it your way, those brand spanking new iPod speakers you’ve been eyeing up for months would be at the top of your Christmas wish list. But alas, with the credit crunch, bills and other financial woes, you won’t be getting them this year and that’s all very sad. I wouldn’t call these the next best thing, but with no money to fund those speakers, these makeshift ‘Ghetto’ iPod speakers might have to do until you can afford the upgrade.

The clue is in the name (and the picture) so all you need is four large disposable cups (the ones in the picture look of the paper variety) an iPod and a few toothpicks. So how do you construct your budget speaker system and what the heck do you do with those toothpicks? Well, the toothpicks hold the cups together, a small hole made at the base of the cup holds an earbud (to project the sound) and that’s about it. The sound generated is hardly going to compete with the shiny new speakers you so badly wanted, but making it might take your mind off them.


[via Gadgets Palace]

Check out some real audio here

Lucy Hedges