Wii want Light Sabers!

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First we had the LED Rock Band drumsticks, and next we get these glowing saber battle sticks for the Wii. I’m sure this will appeal to all those Star Wars fans who wish they could recreate that Luke Skywalker moment, and I can see them happily battling the dark side from their living room.

The Wii’s a great resource for getting people really involved in gaming and using a light saber is great way to get couch potatoes active again. Each saber has 17 LED lights and they’ll be great for some of the new games being released later this year (all hush hush for now).

£24.99 from Thrustmaster mid September

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “Wii want Light Sabers!

  • Hell yeah we want them. Use the force to make them produce Wee Light Saber Remotes ;)

    Chan from TheJunction

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