There are people out there with no access to the internet… AND they like it that way

uk-internet-statistics-one-third-no-web-thumb-200x131.jpgBeing without the internet is like having tea with no milk, or having jam on toast without the butter (can you tell I haven’t had breakfast yet?). Despite this unquestionable convenience, some shocking news has been brought to my attention this morning – a vast majority of UK residents do not, I repeat *do not* have internet access at home (WTF)!! That’s almost as bad as having just the terrestrial TV channels – there’s nothing wrong with it, but you miss out on *so much*. It’s almost primitive.

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One third of all households are without internet access. That’s no connection to the online world… at all. Being an avid internet user, I’m finding it quite hard to digest this information. How do these people live?

According to the Office for National Statistics, 65% of UK homes have internet access, meaning the remaining 35% are living in a world completely different to us internet reliant, computer abusing folk. 15% of this cerazy bunch have said it was due to them not being able to understand how it works (that sounds like defeatist talk to me). No word from the other 15%. I wonder what they get up to in the evenings? A bit of scrabble and charades perhaps? On the plus side, they must save a bundle on electricity.

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Lucy Hedges


  • maybe some of them have access to the internet at work and that is enough for them? i know some people who live like that. or lived. then they gave in.

    i always wonder what i’ve been doing before the interner. i cant remember. i never watched TV.

    sometimes we joke with my bf when the internet is down for minute (grrr) saying: well. now we have to talk. but luckily enough, the internet ALWAYS comes back in time. :)

  • >I wonder what they get up to in the evenings?

    Maybe some nice conversation, a walk in the evening, a good book, a nice game of chess with a good friend etc. pp. I’m used to the Internet since 1995, but I do have a life too ;-)

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