The T-shirt that denotes your relationship

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My friend is currently dating a charming attractive man. He does wear white skinny jeans, but other than that he’s a delight to be around. And where did she meet this delectable fellow? It was the infamous!

I’m not suggesting you run out and buy a subscription (though it can’t hurt), but if you find this scenario familiar you’re probably inclined to purchase this cute t-shirt. I think it’s really sweet, and you’d get a lot of wear out of it, unless of course you’d prefer to pretend you met in a bar…

£20 from David and Goliath

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “The T-shirt that denotes your relationship

  • Aww, this is perfect. My boyfriend always asks me “where in hell he managed to find me” (when I do something stupid) and I have to remind him it was on the internet. A t-shirt would save me an effort.

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