GoateeSaver, because "real men wear goatees" (and you might know one)

I don’t have a goatee. You probably don’t have a goatee. But perhaps your Dad does. Or your brother. Or the person who you’re going to draw in four month’s time when Secret Santa gifting rears its ugly head again. And then my friend, then you’ll be thankful I brought this to your attention.

This GoateeSave promises to “give your goatee that look that women will notice and men will respect”. Much like the kind of mouth piece I imagine they gave Jack Nicholson when he was having his EST in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, you just have to clamp it in your teeth and adjust the rollers to your particular shape. You’re then free to shave round it, without colouring outside the lines, or whatever the facial hair equivalent is.

$19.99 here [via DVICE]

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Susi Weaser

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