Bamboozle thieves by stashing valuables in the fake electrical outlet

fake_outlet_safe.jpgThe next best thing to buying a vault is the Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet. Who’d think to check for your valuables in a wall socket (other than the most thorough and meticulous snoopers *ever*)? Thankfully snooping usually involves not having enough time to poke around, so it’s highly probable your valuables will go undetected.

Valuables don’t necessarily mean jewellery, high priced stuff and moolah. Valuable stuff can be inexpensive too, or simply stuff you don’t want prying eyes to look at. These kinds of things can include a love letter from an ex, condoms, sweets, chocolate and all those other bits and pieces with high emotional value.

Got an annoying sister who keeps borrowing your favourite earrings and lowering the value with each and every wear? Or do you have snooping parents desperately trying to find out the ins and outs of your life and even more cringingly, your love life (eww). This is a great way to throw meddlesome parents and flatmates (and burglars) off the scent of your precious booty.

It’s made out of high impact plastic and metal and is apparently easy to install in a matter of minutes. Fool potential nosey parkers here for a bargainous $8.00 USD.

[via Gadget Miss]

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Lucy Hedges