Star's "Slouching Towards Bedlam" game available on the iPhone

Slouching_Towards_Bedland_computer_game_screenshot.pngThe late, great Star C Foster, Shiny Shiny writer extraordinaire and all round good egg didn’t just leave behind all her excellent Shiny posts, she also left the world a fantastic Interactive Fiction game called Slouching Towards Bedlam.

And now you can enjoy playing this award winning game on your iPhone thanks to the free Frotz app, which also comes preloaded with a bunch of other IF games (An Act of Murder, 9:05, Being Andrew Plotkin, Bronze, A Change in the Weather, All Roads, Anchorhead, Balances, Child’s Play and many many more). Star would have been absolutely beside herself with glee at the inclusion of her game (which she co-wrote with Daniel Ravipinto), and we’re pretty chuffed to be associated with such a supreme human.

Sarcasmo’s Corner [Thanks to Star’s Mother, Sarcasmom/Star for the heads up]