Nikon launch the S710 with 14.5 megapixels


New cameras today are really packing in the megapixels and Nikon’s top end digital camera is no different. The S710 boasts an extraordinary 14.5 megapixels as well as a 3.6x optical zoom. You can view your snaps on the 3 inch LCD screen, and it comes equipped with their patented VR image stabilization. In layman’s terms that means shake reduction and a better quality of picture.


The more impressive aspects of this model lie in the menu however. You get ISO settings of up to 12,800 which is unusual for a consumer product, and I’ve seen the pics created at this setting and they’re pretty impressive. The manual selector gives you more options in creating images, a feature that’s more akin to a DSLR than a more budget model, and you can change shutter speed and aperture settings with a ten step control. It’s a great option if you’re considering dipping your toe into the SLR market but not ready for a full on commitment.

You also get a scene Auto Selector, where the camera will automatically change mode based on the situation- handy if you want to switch from portrait to macro without faffing around. It also has smile detection to ensure a happy image, and a Food mode when you fancy yourself as Gordon Ramsey.

£299 from September 08 at Nikon

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Zara Rabinowicz