Clip and Go with the Logitech V550 Nano mouse

Is it wrong that I’m getting goosebumps writing this? Has it been so long without some peripheral porn that I’m now prepared to raise my blood pressure for a notebook mouse? Yes, clearly it has.

This is a notebook mouse from Logitech, which comes with a tiny wee receiver so small you can leave it plugged into your USB port, a mammoth 18 month battery life (I thought when they ran out of batteries you threw them out?) and something called a Clip and Go Dock.

This basically means you can clip it to your notebook and tote it around like that – wonderful, unless you’ve got a notebook sleeve, I guess (it’ll automatically power down if you dock it). There’s also a magic free spinning scrolling wheel, for scrolling at the speed of light.

You can get it in either silver or blue, and both have a go-faster stripe. And of course, they’re Mac and PC friendly.

Because it’s you, and I know you love peripherals as much as me, here’s another photo:


Available in late August, it’ll retail for £39.99.


Susi Weaser


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