Alton Towers introduce RFID chips to give you a personalised experience


I love theme parks. I adore the white-knuckle rides, screaming till my voice is hoarse and challenging myself by moving outside my comfort zone. I’ll happily step onto gravity defying pieces of metal that look about as safe as Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, and won’t fuss if my hair gets wet on water rides. I’ve often wondered what I look like whilst I’m screaming my head off, and all too often the cameras that snap that ‘perfect’ pic of you simply, um, don’t. You end up viewing an image of yourself looking cross eyed, with hair in your face, which is really attractive. So what should you do?


Well Alton Towers have created Your Day, a way to create the perfect souvenir that’s all about you! When you enter the park you can sign up for the service, and you’ll receive a wristband which contains a radio frequency chip. This will identify you every time you set foot on one of the big rides. It means that your whole experience is captured on film (with the help of 140 computer servers, 36 cameras and a zillion RFID antennas) and can be burnt onto a DVD for you.

As you stroll around the park your wristband is picked up by different sensors which tells the video cameras to start filming. On faster rides they’ll capture you in slow motion, and there’s the added bonus of suspenseful music being added to your DVD.

When you look at their demo videos it’s almost like watching a mini film, as you’ll get a shot of you face, feet and the track ahead. They’ve even got some pre-recorded screams to layer over your experience to make it more authentic. You can opt for a single ride DVD for £6.99, or have all eight captured together for the full on experience.

From £6.99 at Your Day at Alton Towers

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Zara Rabinowicz

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