The Belkin Backpack gives your laptop serious protection.. and style?


I don’t consider backpacks stylish. They’re useful when you want to transport a lot of stuff as they avoid strain on your arms, and they’re also great for carrying your sweaty gym gear, but sexy? Hardly. I’m not sure if Belkin’s latest offering will really challenge that perception. It does have a sleek design, and I like the slate grey and blue choice of colours, but it just doesn’t scream style either. Then again, it doesn’t scream ‘there’s a laptop in here’, which is kinda nice if you’re worried about it being stolen, and with those sturdy straps no-ones going to drag it off your back.

Not only will it cart around your computer, there is also plenty of room for files and folders. Perhaps it would be best to aim this bag at schoolkids, I could see that working out nicely.

The Backpack has two shoulder straps with extra padding and breathable mesh to give you maximum support while you trek to the coffee house, to work, or even through the airport.

£34.99 from Belkin

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Zara Rabinowicz