This Instagrammer has created a makeup look for every Harry Potter house #StyleWeek

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The immensely-talented Briana Augustinos is someone you should definitely be following on Instagram if you're into makeup. The pink-haired beauty from Austin, Texas just released a series of Harry Potter makeup looks – one for every house – and we're in love. Not all the products she's used are available in the UK but we've…

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Wardrobe in bedroom

Could you live with a wardrobe of only 33 things? Project 333 says you should

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Stressed, guilty and late for everything? A capsule wardrobe could be just the tonic... How long did it take you to get dressed this morning? Five minutes? 10? Half an hour of frantic rummaging, changing and screaming that ended with you sweaty, rumpled and back in the first outfit you started with? If you're the latter, then you might…

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We tried I Am Bread – a game about becoming toast – and it was awesome

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The premise of I Am Bread - a PC game by the makers of the stratospherically popular Surgeon Simulator - might be our favourite ever. You play a piece of bread whose sole ambition in life is to become toast by any means possible. You can use a toaster, of course, but there are endless more creative (and funny)…

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TripAdvisor deletes review because a manager biting a waitress is ‘not relevant’ – Update: TripAdvisor respond

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Update: we've had a comment from TripAdvisor, skip to the end of the article to see it. Yesterday, we wrote about a restaurant's disgraceful response to a TripAdvisor review that mentioned witnessing the restaurant owner biting, spanking and generally harassing a female member of staff: Christina F's review   [caption id="attachment_201398"…

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Apple Watch back

Why the Apple Watch is just another way Apple turns its back on new customers

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Like many people yesterday, we were forced into downloading Safari to stream the Apple Watch event. There's no technical reason for this, other browsers are equally (more?) capable of livestreaming content. It's purely a power play by Apple, a way of forcing you to use their products. As always, endless people tweeted that they were…

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