Amanda Palmer has had huge crowdfunding success with a new campaign.

Amanda Palmer’s had another amazing crowdfunding success

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In 2012, musician, writer, and artist Amanda Palmer raised a massive $1.2 million (approximately £785,000) on Kickstarter for an album, tour, and book. Now she’s in the middle of another huge crowdfunding success thanks to U.S site Patreon. As the name suggests, rather than being for one-off fundraising efforts, Patreon allows fans to support the…

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Interview: Slava Rubin, CEO, on how Indiegogo helps $1m projects happen and women succeed

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We caught up with Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo, at the Jolla stand at Mobile World Congress. Slava tells us about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign like Jolla and Bluesmart's, how campaigns started by women often do better on Indiegogo than elsewhere, and how women are hired, promoted and respected internally at the…

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Sophia Webster LFW show AW15

Here’s everything you WON’T be rushing to buy after London Fashion Week

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Fashion! Turn to the left! No seriously, there's an art student just over your shoulder wearing a stuffed skunk as a bonnet. As we near the end of our biannual jaunt around the world's four biggest fashion capitals, it's time to sit back, take stock, and think about all the items from London Fashion Week…

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Mother's Day gifts

11 great Mother’s Day gifts (that aren’t bubble bath)

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Mother's Day? WHAT WHEN? Firstly, breathe – you have two and a half weeks. We're just giving you plenty of advance warning, so you don't end up wrapping up the scarf your Auntie Dot gave you for Christmas and hoping she doesn't recognise it. Here are some lovely gifts for every taste and budget,…

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Facebook has two inboxes, and you’re missing messages because of it

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It's a surprisingly little-known fact that over a year ago, Facebook split the Messages inbox in two. There's your inbox, where all your messages from friends pop up, and your 'Other' inbox, where people you're not connected to will appear. This means there's a whole extra inbox that a lot of people aren't even aware…

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Lady Gaga, and 11 other reasons you should watch The Sound of Music tonight

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Warning: contains spoilers. But sorry, you've had 50 years to find them out. Lady Gaga stormed the stage at the Oscars last night with a medley from The Sound of Music, and it was surprisingly beautiful. First it reminded us that, odd sudo-English accent aside, Gaga actually has a stonker of a voice. And secondly it reminded…

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Reese Witherspoon Oscars 2011

A few #AskHerMore questions we wish they’d asked on the Oscars red carpet

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 The #AskHerMore movement at the Oscars has got us thinking about what we'd really like to ask Hollywood stars. Could we really be seeing the shift of red carpet chat to fewer frocks and more real feelings? The #AskHerMore campaign has been gathering pace throughout 2015 awards season, a rallying cry for the press to branch out beyond…

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Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 13.18.31

20 best Photoshop fails ever

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Adobe Photoshop turns 25 today, having helped tens of millions of users marvel over and create some amazing imagery, and some not-so amazing. The Adobe president and CEO, Shantanu Narayen, said: “For 25 years, Photoshop has inspired artists and designers to craft images of stunning beauty and reality-bending creativity. From desktop publishing, to…

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Spring trends

Spring trends to buy now (even if you’re not sure you like them yet)

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It's a cruel truth about fashion, that often it takes you almost as long to come round to the idea of a trend as it does for that trend to rise, flourish and die on a Primark sale rail. The classic cycle tends to go something like: you spot a trend. 'Purple breeches', let's say.…

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friends on bench with phones

How to give up social media for Lent (without ruining your social life)

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Logging off until Easter? Follow these tips to make sure your social media detox is a success We all know by now that whatever great things social media might have brought into our lives – new friends, hobbies, entertainment, even a greater appreciation of our lives – it's also the source of a whole heap of…

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Napoleon Dynamite header

11 ACTUALLY romantic moments from TV and film #LoveWeek

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Forget everything you've been told about on-screen romance – here are the lesser-remembered moments from TV and film that will make your heart sing. (Nobody puts Baby in this list.) Say it with flours – Stranger Than Fiction He's an awkward, lonely tax inspector, she's an anarchic tattooed baker... (very) unlikely romance blossoms among…

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I did the NYT’s Love Questions with the man I just split from. Here’s how badly it went… #LoveWeek

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The New York Times recently put up a list of 36 questions that can, in theory, help you fall in love with someone. They're from a study by psychologist Arthur Aron (et al), and snappily referred to as the 'Closeness-Generating Procedure'. In short, they're designed to accelerate intimacy, to get you to reveal the kinds…

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DEBATE: Is Valentine’s Day a good thing? Shiny singletons Holly and Tom go head to head #LoveWeek

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It's February, which means couples (and to a lesser extent, pancakes) are all up in our faces. Every year, we hear a chorus of disapproval from people who think Valentine's Day is a marketing ploy, a cynical invention designed to part us from our money. And yet still every year the bouquets get sent and the…

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The Fire Brigade is dealing with more penis rings than ever before – and it’s all 50 Shades’ fault

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There are plenty of reasons to dislike 50 Shades of Grey. The potentially abusive relationship between Christian and Anastasia, the standard of writing in the novels, and the proliferation of terrible, terrible brand promotions trying to capitalise on the series' success, to name just three. But here's a new one: it's bad for the fire brigade. Why?…

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How to practice gratitude and love life (and yourself) more #LoveWeek

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If you've been reading any self development, productivity or psychology blogs recently, you'll have seen a lot of talk about the benefits of practising gratitude. So what's gratitude all about? Well, let's start by taking a look at what gratitude actually means before we learn how to be more grateful. According to Psychology Today: 'Gratitude is…

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12 Valentine’s Day gifts for your best friend #LoveWeek

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Whether you're single or not this Valentine's Day, it's always a good idea to spend the day being grateful for your friends, because we're guessing you love them too! Plus, ovaries before brovaries. You could even spend the 13th February celebrating Galentine's Day for your amazing friends, as well as the 14th, as…

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