OPINION: Worst election leaflet ever? UKIP supporters can’t even write in English

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In the Somerset town of Frome, UKIP are so busy electioneering and saving us all from immigration that they've forgotten to master spellcheck, let alone the basics of the English language. This UKIP leaflet, diligently subedited by an English teacher, contains many dubious promises: But there's one thing in the leaflet I'm actually on board with: UKIP promise to 'take back control of…

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WATCH: TfL’s powerful new video about sexual harassment on public transport

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Transport for London, the British Transport Police and the Mayor of London today this week unveiled a compelling new video about sexual harassment on public transport, featuring the disheartening statistic that 90% of incidents go unreported. Trigger warning: sexual assault and harassment The video shows increasing levels of harassment on a tube journey, and asks at each…

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Funny Twitter account of the day: Medieval Reactions

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If you've seen your friends posting pictures of Medieval artwork lately, the Medieval Reactions Twitter account is more than likely why. Run by 19-year old Cathal Berragan, @MedievalReacts is an irresistible combination of millennial phrasing ("When bae is looking fine...") and classical Medieval illustrations. It's incongruous, it's hilarious, and it's the first time we've done a proper…

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