Hashtag shadows

The week in hashtags: #NoMorePage3, #SAGAwards, #SmearForSmear, #UKIPFilmTitles

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The stars came out, The Sun went down, and a whole lot of other things happened on the internet this week... #NoMorePage3 It's been a big week for boobs, in every sense. When rumours starting circulating on Monday that The Sun's Page 3 had finally printed its last bare breast, there were cheers in many…

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Young people and politics: we’re far from apathetic

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Too apathetic, too ignorant and too self-absorbed: that sums up my generation when it comes to political engagement, right? After all, voter turnout among the 18-24 year-olds has been below 50% since 1992: 39% in 2001, 37% in 2005, with a slight rise to 44% in 2010, compared with 76% turnout for the over-65s. I've been…

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The new Creme Egg is a marketing stunt – and not a very original one

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If you missed it, American behemoths Mondelez (formerly Kraft Foods) recently ruined the Creme Egg. They took the pinnacle of ovoid chocolatey perfection and they stomped on it with army boots. They basically set fire to Easter. After visiting several newsagents shamelessly selling old stock, we finally got our hands on the new Creme Egg, with its…

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BBC Democracy Day: ShinyShiny attends

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Today is the BBC's Democracy Day, and this evening a few members of the ShinyShiny team are excited to be attending an event entitled "Democracy and Technology". We'll listen to a panel of experts from around the world debate how smartphones, social media and cyberspace have impacted the concept of democracy. The panel includes Vijaya Gadde…

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hash symbol sculpture

The Week in Hashtags: #OscarsSoWhite, #RupertsFault, #SexualOrientation, #MyDayOnAPlate

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From the Academy and Rupert Murdoch to health bores and January bandwagon-jumpers, pretty much everybody has been taken down a few pegs by the internet this week. #OscarsSoWhite The Oscars nominations list was announced on Thursday, and it was a great day – to be a white man. For everyone else, not so much. The…

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Sexuality, family & Jeffrey Tambor: Why you need to start watching Transparent

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Despite what the media may tell you, the most important take away from Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony wasn't the risky sartorial choices, it wasn't the proliferation of asymmetrical 'LOBs' and it wasn't even Poehler and Fey's unstoppable comedy duo that's hell-bent on smashing the sexism out of Hollywood. For me it was that Amazon show…

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Will Bethenny Frankel really make ‘Skinnygirl Marijuana?’

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You can’t accuse former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel of letting business opportunities pass her by. Having created a successful brand with her ‘Skinnygirl’ range – because how can you enjoy yourself knowing your favourite cocktail has more than 1 calorie? – according to Us magazine, she’s now turned her attention to another intoxicating substance: marijuana.…

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Psychologists say Twitter, Instagram, and email relax us… but Facebook doesn’t

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Social media’s been blamed for everything from riots to loneliness to Ched Evans not being able to get a new football contract (no, really, I’m crying on the inside). The Oxford Dictionary added #FOMO as proof that Instagram makes us feel like we never do anything fun anymore, and if you aren’t complaining about having…

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Laptop on table

Is Facebook now an older person’s game?

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Facebook is weathering the social media storm, but are we talking about a different generation now? I reached a personal milestone over Christmas. After many years of waiting, putting it off and making lame excuses, I finally accepted my father's Facebook friend request. It barely matters these days, I rationalised, as I don't do anything…

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GIRLS season 4 episode 1

Our immediate feelings on GIRLS season four

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Episode one of GIRLS' eagerly-awaited fourth season has aired, and there are a whole heap of things we think about it. Such as... Will Marnie sing in every episode now? If she's planning on it then that's fine, but it would be great to have some warning. Because every time she sings, we tend to…

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nook bed

8 ingenious ways of making a small space seem bigger

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This time last year, a quarter of 20- to 34-year-olds in the UK still lived with their parents. It's easy to see why: if you live in the capital, you'll know all too well that London rent prices are literally going through the roof, with pint-sized studios going for mind-boggling prices. But even if you…

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10 questions we’re asking about the #FirstDateSelfie trend

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We shouldn't actually be surprised by this, obviously, but the latest development in the weird old world of modern dating is the #FirstDateSelfie. It's a thing that really exists, and people are doing it. Not a lot of people, of course, but enough for a slew of thinkpieces on whether or not it is adorable…

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Amazon won its first Golden Globes for Transparent

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In a step forward for both Amazon’s original content and LGBTQ representation on screen, the site won two awards for its show Transparent at the Golden Globes last night. It bagged ‘Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy’ (the serious drama award went to Joshua Jackson’s slow-burn Showtime show, The Affair) and best actor for Jeffrey…

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Crisp sandwich café opens in Belfast

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A café in Belfast has embraced a tantalising food theme to lure in customers: crisp sandwiches. Possibly the first of its kind in the world, the 'Simply Crispy' café emerged from the embers of an ordinary food venue on Belfast's Bedford Street after owners decided on a radical rebrand. Satirical website the Ulster Fry first…

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Je Suis Charlie rally

The week in hashtags: #JeSuisCharlie, #JeSuisAhmed, #FoxNewsFacts, #AskHerMore, #CES2015

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From the hashtags you've definitely seen to the ones you might have missed, here's social media's take on an eventful week. #JeSuisCharlie A hashtag that needs no introduction, the Spartacus-inspired tag for the victims of Wednesday's terror attacks against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been used 4.7 million times as a tribute, a show…

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snow turtle

Minnesota brothers build huge and incredible snow sculptures

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Post by Bartz Snow Sculptures. We may be pretty snow-less here in the UK, but across the pond, three brothers are hard at work building some massive sculptures. As the Huffington Post writes, Bartz brothers Austin, Trevor and Connor have just completed a 12-foot-high sea turtle sculpture in their backyard. The trio has been working…

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