Why Is Bingo So Popular In The UK?

As far as love and patronage for bingo go, the UK is where it enjoys the most support, even though it’s an Italian game. Brits adore the game dearly, and over the years, it has become a cultural phenomenon in the country. Furthermore, with the current digitisation of the game that’s going on, the game only seems to have tightened its grip over Brits’ hearts.

This got us thinking about why bingo is so prevalent in the UK and why it has become such a significant part of the culture. Good gambling regulations, ease of play, and the media are a few reasons it’s so big. Join us as we get more in-depth and explore the bingo online UK significance in British culture.

The Origins of Bingo

Bingo started as an Italian lottery game in the 1500s known as “il giuoco del lotto d’italia.” It later made its way into the French aristocracy in the 1700s, where it later became widely popular with the mass populous. The French people renamed the game “Le Lotto” before it jumped over the channel into London and other parts of Europe.

This was also the first time the game saw mass adoption as it quickly spread through the city and other parts of the UK. Furthermore, places like Germany created versions of the game they used in schools to teach kids maths, history, and spelling skills. However, bingo’s popularity did not just stop in Europe. A British businessman named Edward Lowe took it to North America, where it gained the name we know today.

The story goes that Edward invited a few of his friends to dinner at his house, where they also played the game then known as beano. However, in the heat of the moment, after crossing five boxes, one of the friends yelled bingo instead of beano, and the name stuck from then on.

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Why Bingo is Popular in the UK

1.   It’s the National Game and Pass Time

Bingo is the unofficial British game with an unofficial national day in its honour. Furthermore, if you’re British, you likely grew up playing bingo because this is how most British families and friends pass the time. In addition, the game is so popular that the Royal family is also known for playing bingo to pass the time and as a family bonding activity. This is one of the indications that bingo is more cultural for Brits than a game.

2.   Good Gambling Regulation in the UK

The UK is one of the best-regulated gambling jurisdictions in the world. The industry saw its first regulations introduced all the way back in 1845, with regular revisions over the decades to bring them up to date. This has created a free and safe space for games such as bingo to grow as commercial and cultural activities. Furthermore, the regulation has created the framework for bingo not only to be a success with the Brits but a positive contributor to the economy’s growth.

3.   The Media

The British media has also played its fair role in popularising bingo in the country. For instance, in the early 2005s, bingo was experiencing a downturn with the larger population in the country, and there was a need to give it a facelift.

The media organised marketing campaigns using young influential media personalities urging the younger generation to play the game. The campaigns were a massive hit and are one of the reasons bingo is popular with the younger generation even today.

4.   Online Bingo

After the UK government introduced stricter rules for the gambling industry and put a smoking ban in public places, bingo halls experienced a massive fallout and led to many closing down. The game also experienced a period of dropping numbers, but it all changed after the introduction of the internet and online bingo.

In addition, after the introduction of mobile bingo, the game saw a massive surge in popularity in all demographics and is still going strong. The convenience and ease of access to the game online bingo brought have ensured it remains a cultural hit with the British people.

5.   Bingo Affiliate Programs

We are sure you’ve heard of Amazon affiliate programs where you use a special code to recommend products from the platform and earn a commission. The bingo affiliate program works in the same way. It allows you to get a unique code from an online operator that you use to recommend their bingo games to your friends and family. When anyone uses this code to play on their platforms, you earn bonus points or commissions you can redeem for games or prizes.

Such programs and marketing techniques have ensured a steady flow of new players to bingo platforms, increasing the game’s popularity in the country.

6.   Bingo is Easy to Learn, and Master

Unlike other casino games with strict rules and complex strategies, bingo is easy to learn and master at the highest levels. Excellent user interfaces on online trading platforms have even made it easier for new players to join and learn how the game works. This has made the fun game more approachable than other casino games for players of all ages and ensured its continued success in the country.

In addition, many Brits learn to play bingo from an early age, and many continue to play throughout their lifetime. This cultural habit has made it easier for Brits to pick up the game than most other places in the world.


As X-mass quickly approaches and winter here with us, it’s no doubt that most Brits will spend much of their time with family and friends. They will also be looking for winter activities to do, and like most years for the last few centuries, bingo is at the top of most British families’ lists. And like most other Brits, we cannot wait for the festivities to start and enjoy a game or two with our friends and families.

So will you be playing bingo this X-mas? Let us know in the comment section below.

Chris Price