3 Things to Find if You Loved The Walking Dead

On 20 November 2022, the final episode of the massive zombie-infested series that began in 2010 met its fitting conclusion. The Walking Dead ran for a massive 177 episodes, acting as the spark to commence the zombie craze across entertainment and helped to change the scene for prestige television shows with the assistance of its after-air chat show, Talking Dead.

Still, franchise fandom for The Walking Dead remains, and because of it, AMC continues to keep the universe shuffling and biting. Luckily, fans of the show don’t even need to wait long for more new content or look far for zombie entertainment that’s already out there.

Negan, Daryl, and Michonne on the spin

Just in time for the series finale in November, Playtech launched the AMC The Walking Dead: Cash Collect slot on Paddy Power Games. Now sitting alongside fellow Paddy’s Favourites like Big Bass Splash, Age of the Gods: God of Storm, and Fishin’ Frenzy: The Big Catch, the official slot has caught on quickly with spinners and fans of the series for the way that it infuses the world-famous TV series.

Several of the most popular characters from the final seasons feature for you to combine, including Michonne, Carol, Negan, and Daryl, and, of course, the zombies play their part. The animated walker wild symbol helps to create wins en route to netting the three kinds of free games and four in-game jackpots.

See the adventures as they were originally told


Considering that it got adapted into a TV show and then became a huge hit within another couple of years, it’s easy to see why Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s The Walking Dead comic series was held in such high regard. Originally started in 2003, the story spanned 193 issues or 32 volumes, with its finale being published in August 2019 with Rest in Peace – the same name as the finale episode of TWD.

Importantly, those who have only watched the show and then want to read the comics will find that not all is the same. The TV show created some new characters and shifted around some deaths for the drama and, sometimes, due to scheduling conflicts with the actors. If you’d like to find out if Rick really dies, who Negan really makes an example out of Lucille, and Jesus’ fate, get into the popular comic series.

Lots more in the TWD universe on TV

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AMC’s more than happy to produce Walking Dead-related entertainment, and has been doing so for quite some time. Midway through the original series, the channel launched Fear the Walking Dead, which is all set for its eighth season this year. Of the three spin-offs, it has the best Rotten Tomatoes Score by some margin at 75 percent from critics and 59 percent from the audience.

The anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead didn’t get scores much lower, but The Walking Dead: World Beyond was panned by viewers and critics alike. Luckily, the story continues for a bunch of the show’s most popular stars. Daryl Dixon will be off on a solo adventure in Paris, Negan and Maggie will get a six-part series in New York, and the story of Rick and Michonne looks set to conclude in their spin-off after the teasing end to Season 11 of TWD.

All-in-all, those who want more of the world that Rick Grimes rode us into will find plenty to enjoy across all forms of media entertainment.