Average Brit spends decade of their lives using technology

The average Brit will spend the equivalent of a decade of their lives using smartphones, tablets and laptops - and share a staggering 92,053 social media posts, it has emerged. Researchers who carried out a detailed study discovered the true extent to which every element of our lives is conducted while holding or staring at…

Facebook Messenger unveils two augmented reality games for video chat

Due to go live on Facebook Messenger today (August 8th, 2018) are two new video games using AR filter technology to allow users to challenge their friends at the same time as catching up with them on video chat. The multiplayer video chat AR games allow you to play with up to six people at a…

Would you blog on Facebook? Notes gets a revamp

Facebook has confirmed it is revitalising its long-forgotten Notes platform, perhaps in a bid to attract bloggers. Most of us can't even remember how to access Notes, let alone use them - that's how long it's been since we paid attention. (For the record, click the More tab beneath your cover photo, click Manage sections, then tick the…

4 Easy ways to control your privacy on Facebook

Sure Facebook has put plenty of guides and easy steps in place to demystify privacy, but we’ve collected together four easy tips to give you a bit more control. We find that most people we talk to want to control what people can see a bit more, organise groups and share things with particular people, but they often can’t be bothered to take the first step, well now you’ve got no excuse.

Is Facebook Messenger set to become fully standalone app?

Is the Facebook Messenger app set to become a fully standalone messaging app like Skype. Looks that way with the announcement yesterday that some users will be able to sign up with a phone number instead of having to be a Facebook user.