About us

What is shinyshiny?

shinyshiny is a website that focuses on the way technology is enriching the lives of women. Our readers are female early adopters – an important and influential audience – and our team brings them the latest news, no-nonsense reviews and video round-ups of the coolest stuff out there. We’re passionate about how gadgets, apps and wearable technologies are transforming our attitudes towards health and fitness, our sense of style, the way we shop, our homes and a whole lot more.

When was shinyshiny first launched?

shinyshiny was created way back in 2004 and quickly became one of the top global tech blogs aimed at a female audience. Now nearly 15 years later, the site is evolving and is no longer about which gadgets look cool and work well, but is devoted to bringing our readers insightful and bang up-to-date content about the way technology can be integrated into their day-to-day lives.

Who writes for shinyshiny?

shinyshiny is produced by a team of writers, creatives and commercial minds based in London. Visit our Meet the Team page to find out more about us.

How can brands and advertisers work with the shinyshiny team?

Here at shinyshiny we pride ourselves on our honest and insightful editorial content, which means we only work with brands our readers will be interested in who also share our core values.

When it comes to advertising, we’re moving away from more traditional display models and prefer to work alongside brands to create native advertising content and valuable multi-channel experiences.

If you feel that your brand would be a great fit for shinyshiny and our team agrees, then there are all kinds of ways we can work together.

Where can I send samples and products for you to look at?

Please email our editor [email protected] and he’ll tell you the best address to send your samples to. Alternatively you can call on +44 7885 836 842

If I send you samples and products will you write about them?

No. We really value our integrity here at shinyshiny and would never write about a product just because someone has sent it our way. We’re also very open and honest about whether we like a product or not, so just because we’re testing something out it doesn’t mean we’ll give it a positive review.

Visit our Advertising page to find out more about sponsored content opportunities.

How many readers do you have?

As of July 2018, we have 150,000 monthly unique users per month. We’ll keep updating this figure for you.

How can I contact the team? 

For editorial enquiries, get in touch with our editor Chris Price, his email address is [email protected]

If you just want to say hello, then you can also tweet @shinyshiny or visit our Facebook page.

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