UK start-up Nyobolt can charge EV in under 5 mins, Amazon takes on Temu and Shein

Image: A UK startup has charged an EV from 10% to 80% charge in under 5 minutes. Nyobolt

An electric car battery developed by UK start-up Nyobolt has successfully charged from 10% to 80% in four minutes and 37 seconds in its first live demonstration. It was achieved with a specially-built concept sports car on a test track in Bedford, and is part of industry-wide efforts to get electric vehicles (EVs) charging more quickly. By comparison, an existing Tesla supercharger can charge a car battery to 80% in 15-20 minutes. Experts say eliminating so-called “range anxiety” is key to increasing uptake of EVs – but also stress the importance of improving the charging infrastructure. BBC

Google introduced FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channels to Google TV last year, providing free access to channels like Reuters Now, BBC Earth, Love Nature, and more, without having to sign up or download any separate application. Google TV offers over 800 ad-supported channels from sources such as Plex, Tubi, and Haystack, all while bundling and offering its own curated selection of 100+ FAST channels. Now, as part of its June 2024 update, Google is adding 10 new channels to the selection. Android Police