CES 2024: 5 Health and Fitness Gadgets Unveiled

Evolve MVMT Ankle Wearable

The health and fitness scene at CES 2024 was buzzing with exciting new gadgets and technologies designed to push the boundaries of personal health and training. Here are some standouts that caught our attention. By Chris Price 

Evolve MVMT Ankle Wearable $499

Billed as the “first-of-its-kind” ankle wearable, this gadget is designed to make your gait more efficient and joint-friendly by tracking the quality (not the quantity) of your steps — more specifically, the way your heel strikes the ground. If you’re a flat-footed individual who has ever had to pay for expensive orthotics or special footwear, you might appreciate the ankle wearable. But we can’t help thinking it makes you look like you’ve just got out of prison and are now being monitored by the authorities! At $499 it’s not cheap either. The EVOLVE MVMT ankle wearable comes complete with one sensor, a charging unit, charging cable and a premium strap.

Movano Evie ring $269

First shown as a concept at CES 2023, the Evie Ring is the first female-focused smart ring that uses the health data it tracks to offer up a holistic view of overall health and wellness. What’s more, it has just earned a 2024 CES Innovation Honoree Award. What differentiates the Evie Ring from other smart rings on the market is that it offers numerous insights for women, including into menstrual health, mood, sleep, physical activity, and more. Plus, the ring includes a notable smart metric, called Daily Summary, which offers up an at-a-glance activity and recovery graphic for succinct health data visualization. The Movano Evie ring is available in three colours (silver, gold and rose gold) for $269. However, it is currently only compatible with Apple iOS.

Garmin HRM-Fit $149.99

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Garmin announced HRM-Fit, its newest heart rate monitor created specifically for women. Featuring a clip-on design, it attaches to medium- and high-support sports bras (including those from adidas, Athleta, NOBULL, Under Armour and more) in order to minimize movement and enhance comfort while accurately capturing real-time heart rate and training data. It is, at least according to Garmin, versatile enough to be used during activities like running, indoor and outdoor cycling, strength training, HIIT and more. Featuring up to one year of battery life, the HRM-Fit is available now and has a suggested retail price of $149.99.

Withings BeamO

Withings BeamO $250

The BeamO from Withings is a 4 in 1 device that claims to be able to do it all – take your temperature, check your heart rate, measure your blood oxygen levels and even work as a stethoscope.  Designed to be easy to carry and light to hold, the BeamO could help anyone who wants easy insights into their heart and lung health (and temperature, of course) as well as monitor their baselines and share information with their health care providers. BeamO offers an 8-month battery life and can be charged using a USB-C cable (provided in the box). Following expected clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration this June, you should be able to get one for $250. 

And last but not least….

Torras Coolify Cyber

Torras, which makes wearable air conditioners for your neck – yes that is a thing – announced a new model of its personal air conditioning unit at CES this year, dubbed the Coolify Cyber. Designed to fit around the back of your neck to keep you cool, it works by running an electrical current between a semiconductor and a ceramic cooling plate that sits on your neck. Three speed settings are available and it is charged by a USB Type-C charging cable. CNET’s Nick Wolny had a chance to test out the Torras’ neck air conditioner, describing it as a positive experience that was “a blast of cold air, but like a neck pillow that energized me.” For more information, visit www.torraslife.com.

Chris Price