Tesla unveils new version of humanoid robot, E3 cancelled forever

Tesla has debuted a new version of its humanoid robot
that can squat without falling over and pick up an egg without breaking it. Elon Musk’s electric car company has teased updates to the company’s Optimus automaton in a video posted on Twitter. In a demonstration video, Tesla’s robotics division showed off what it called Optimus “Gen 2”. The company said the robot could walk 30pc faster, was 10kg lighter and had improved balance and hand movements compared to its previous model. Telegraph 

Apple has released iOS 17.2, the biggest iPhone update in months. The new version of the operating system includes several features that had been announced for the new iOS 17 upgrade but were not available when it first launched in September, such as the new Journal app. It also includes unexpected changes, such as the ability to take videos ready for Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro virtual reality headset. As usual, the update can be downloaded by opening the Settings app, clicking “General” and choosing the software update option. Independent 

The UK government is at high risk of a “catastrophic ransomware attack” that could “bring the country to a standstill” because of poor planning and a lack of investment, a parliamentary committee has warned. In a damning report, the joint committee on the national security strategy warned that the UK could face a crippling cyber-attack on its critical national infrastructure (CNI) at any moment. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) describes the CNI as national assets that are essential for the functioning of society, including energy supply, water supply, transportation, health and telecommunications.  The Guardian

E3, once the biggest event in the gaming industry, has been cancelled forever. Debuting in 1995, at its peak the Electronic Entertainment Expo saw major companies such as Nintendo and Sony assemble every summer for an exciting week of announcements. But an in-person event in Los Angeles has not occurred since 2019, and there have been multiple failed attempts to revive it. The organiser has now confirmed it’s gone for good. Sky News 

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined the Ministry of Defence (MoD) £350,000 for disclosing personal information of people seeking relocation to the UK shortly after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021. On 20 September 2021, the MoD sent an email to a distribution list of Afghan nationals eligible for evacuation using the ‘To’ field, with personal information relating to 245 people being inadvertently disclosed. TechDigest 

A Virgin Media advert has been banned for misleading customers into thinking the firm offered faster wi-fi than its rivals. The ad boasted it had the “fastest wi-fi guarantee of any major provider”. Virgin maintained it guaranteed a faster minimum speed than its competitors. But the watchdog ruled most customers would understand its wi-fi was ‘faster than others’, which was not the case. Virgin told the ASA the ad was meant to convey that it guaranteed customers a minimum 30Mbps download speed on wi-fi – faster than others offered. But the ASA disagreed with Virgin and upheld the complaint. BBC 

Chris Price