Dressing to impress, our top tips

There is a lot to be said about dressing your best every day! Leaving the house looking and feeling your best can have a real impact on your confidence. Instantly you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll revel in the compliments others offer you and it’s positive on your mental health – one of the most important things to look after. 

Dressing to impress is much easier than it sounds and can be done in many ways. You can spend time on your hair before leaving your home, put on a special outfit, wear your favourite cologne and accessorise your look – helix earrings are great for this. Whatever method you choose, the fact you have made an effort today will make a big difference. 

Find an outfit that suits your body shape 

One of the first things you need to consider when it comes to dressing to impress is how an outfit fits. If it is too big it will look sloppy and if it is too small it will look unflattering and won’t complement your body. To find the best outfit for your body shape, you need to first find out what body shape you are, whether that is hourglass, pear, apple or rectangle. Then you need to consider what clothes will accentuate this, such as adding a belt to the waist to cinch it and make it more flattering. If you buy something and it’s too big, find a seamstress that can tailor it for you and create a perfect fit.

Make the most of your accessories

Accessories have the power to make an outfit look completely different, elevating it and making it look a lot more impressive. If you are wearing something simple and understated, earrings such as Helix earrings, a necklace or a bracelet can instantly transform it into something much more glitzy. When you are deciding on the type of jewellery to wear, think about the neckline of your outfit – if you have something plunging you want a necklace you can really show off, whereas if you have a high neckline you might want something a little more simple. Also consider your hairstyle – if you have an impressive updo you want to get some earrings that you can really show off. If your hair is down you don’t need to worry so much as you won’t be able to see them so much. You can also add items such as rings, anklets and more to your ensemble.

Find a scent that you love 

Perfume is another great way to dress to impress – after all, you’re never fully dressed without the perfect scent! There are so many different types of perfume on the market, you need to get to the shops and try a few out to see which suits you best. Perfume is one of those things that are very personal to the individual and you can’t usually find one without trying it first. Some people prefer more floral scents, while others prefer those with hints of sandalwood or spicy elements. It can be a good idea to invest in a more fancy scent that can help you to dress to impress with other perfumes that are good for general, everyday use.

Focus on your hair 

The way you style your hair can have another great impact on how you look and making your outfit feel more fancy. Depending on your hair type, length and the way you like to wear it, you can try an abundance of different styles. If you have shorter hair such as a pixie cut that can’t really have much done to it, you could add a clip or other hair accessories to help jazz it up which can instantly make it look more fancy and go with your outfit. If you have longer hair, you could try curling it or putting some up and some down. If you really want to go all out, you could even look into getting your hair done professionally. Someone could come to you or you can go to a hairdresser and they can do it for you there. You can look online on websites such as Instagram, Pinterest or dedicated hair blogs that can give you inspiration for hairstyles that you might not have thought of trying before. 

Consider your makeup 

If you are someone that likes to wear makeup, this is a really great way to help you to dress to impress. There are so many different makeup looks you can try and it can be a good idea to match the style of makeup to the outfit that you are wearing. Think about the vibe you are going for and how you can match your look to this or what will best complement it. If you have any particular standout colours in your outfit, you could match this with your eyeshadow or your lipstick to pull everything together. You could add some fake lashes and don’t forget to do your nails too!

Focus on high quality fabrics

The fabrics of your outfit is another important part to making it look more impressive. If you are going to a posh event such as in a fancy hotel or other location, you want to invest in a high-quality fabric as this can have a really big impact on how your ensemble looks. If you buy an outfit that has a cheap fabric it can often take down the look of your outfit and also is more likely to get broken, rip or not last as long. High-quality fabrics include the likes of silk, cotton, cashmere, leather and wool.

Think about your outerwear

Too often, people focus on their main outfit and forget about what to wear on top. The weather can often be wet, windy or get chilly in the evenings (which is when your event is most likely to be) so you want to ensure you are well covered up. Because of this, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality blazer or formal jacket that you can put on over your outfit. Find one in a neutral colour that you can wear over a range of different ensembles so it doesn’t go to waste. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Getting dressed up and trying to wear something to impress offers you the chance to wear something new. You can play around with your style and wear things that you might not do otherwise. If you are someone that usually wears short dresses, you can change it up and wear something long, or even try a jumpsuit or a playsuit. There are so many choices and you can really experiment. You could also find different colours that you might not wear often, going all out with bright colours or trying something a bit more muted if you don’t tend to do that. 

Invest in quality footwear 

Another thing you need to focus on when you are dressing to impress is your footwear. They say that the first thing people notice about you is your footwear, so you don’t want to dress up everywhere else and have that let your outfit down. Think about what you are going to be doing that you want your outfit for – are you going to be dancing or walking a lot and therefore don’t want your feet to hurt too much? If you are going to be mostly sitting, heels might not be so painful and you can wear these without worrying too much about getting from place to place. If you are wearing heels, it can be a good idea to bring some flat or comfortable shoes with you that will enable you to still enjoy the event without your feet hurting. By investing in quality footwear it will last for a much longer time than if you were to buy cheap and means you can wear it for multiple occasions going forward. Because of this, you want to consider the colour you buy your shoes in and how versatile they will be. Opt for neutrals or black as these can be worn time and time again with a multitude of other colours.  

As a whole, we hope the above has helped you see that dressing to impress isn’t as hard as you may have initially thought. By giving yourself plenty of time before leaving the house, you can leave your home, looking and feeling your best. If when looking through your wardrobe you are struggling with inspiration, then this could be a sign you need to refresh your look. Instagram is a great place to look for some fashion inspiration – a lot of influencers shop at high street stores, meaning what you see, isn’t necessarily going to be too expensive.

What tips would you recommend for dressing to impress? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Have we missed something that you think should be included? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 


Chris Price