Top 50 unused foodstuffs in the kitchen cupboard

Vinegar, stock cubes and tinned vegetables are some of the most unloved foods in the nation’s kitchen cupboards with many of them languishing unused for five YEARS – or more – due to lack of food inspiration.

Pantry staples have topped a list of the top 50 items which are likely to remain unused a year or more after being purchased. Tinned tuna, chickpeas and various herbs and spices also made the list, as did gravy and nuts.

Soy sauce, kidney beans and dried pasta are also among foodstuffs lying unused in the nation’s pantries.

The research of 2,000 UK adults found three-quarters feel uninspired by what’s in their store cupboards.

With almost a third (32 per cent) experiencing the ‘store cupboard stare’ – often looking in their pantries and fridges and walking away unenthused by what’s there.

When staring absently to see what’s in stock, 12 per cent feel it’s ‘too much effort’ to decide what to make, and 11 per cent don’t think they’re creative enough to turn old ingredients into exciting dishes.

How to make the most out of your cupboard staples

To tackle the lack of mealtime inspiration, the rice brand Tilda has created a recipe generator tool that helps people to make the most of your cupboard staples.

The poll was commissioned by the rice brand as part of the launch of its latest flavour Ready to Heat Golden Vegetable Rice.

The research went on to find that with the recent increases in the cost of living, Brits have been purchasing 15 per cent more ‘cupboard items’ to bolster their store cupboards and to help reduce the overall cost of their shopping baskets.

And 23 per cent have been delving into the depths of their cupboards more over the last six months, to create more affordable meals.

However, 15 per cent believe they have had ingredients lurking in the back of cupboards for five years or longer.

While a further 14 per cent never seem to make their way through an entire bag of pasta, and 12 per cent don’t know how to use up all their mustard.

Top foodstuffs Brits have had in the cupboard without using for at least a year:

1. Vinegar
2. Stock cubes
3. Flour
4. Sugar
5. Pasta
6. Tinned vegetables
7. Loose rice
8. Tinned Tomatoes
9. Mustard
10. Cinnamon
11. Dried noodles
12. Tinned Tuna
13. Turmeric
14. Tinned Kidney beans
15. Tinned Baked beans
16. Gravy
17. Chutneys
18. Tinned Chickpeas
19. Paprika
20. Olive oil
21. Dried rosemary
22. Garlic granules
23. Soy sauce
24. Worcestershire sauce
25. Tomato sauce
26. Cumin
27. Dried parsley
28. Nuts
29. Garam masala
30. Dried coriander
31. Microwaveable rice
32. Couscous
33. Brown sauce
34. Coconut milk or cream
35. Sunflower oil
36. Dried basil
37. Cardamom seeds
38. Hot sauce
39. Olives
40. Dried chives
41. Tinned Black beans
42. Tinned Lentils
43. Dried tarragon
44. Sweet chili sauce
45. Star anise
46. Onion granules
47. Pesto sauce
48. Passata
49. Quinoa
50. Saffron

Chris Price