Top 15 intense moments – moving house tops list

moving house
Life’s most intense moments have been revealed – including getting married, meeting your celebrity crush and watching a team play a make-or-break match.

A poll of 2,000 adults found, on average, they experience 11 of these situations each year, with moving house, going through a breakup, and getting a promotion also high on the list.

Buying a property, getting a pet, falling over in public, and sending a message to the wrong group chat, were cited as other nail-biting moments.

Despite the intensity around these occasions, 28 per cent use them as an opportunity to come together and spend time with friends and family. While 22 per cent see it as an excuse to enjoy food and drink with others.

The research was commissioned by Philadelphia to celebrate the launch of its new ‘Intense’ flavour range.

Teaming up with celebrity chef, TV presenter and DJ, Gok Wan, the gourmet cream cheese brand is touring the UK with a pop-up experience – inviting members of the public to experience intense flavour combinations.

Elevating intense occasions

Of those who experience an increase in heart rate during these intense moments, 57 per cent enjoy them with only eight per cent claiming not to.

More than a quarter (26 per cent) embrace these intense moments with 38 per cent claiming it makes them excited.

It emerged 66 per cent experience these particular feelings up to several days after the moment has happened.

When it comes to dealing with an intense moment, exactly a third would prefer to bite into a snack than their nails (14 per cent).

Commenting on the pop-up restaurant, Gok Wan said:

“I love hosting friends and family, especially for stand-out moments in life, so, getting involved with the pop-up tour is right up my street.

“I want to help people elevate intense occasions and encourage them to take a moment to enjoy them.”

Top 15 everyday intense moments

  1. Moving house
  2. A breakup/divorce
  3. Buying a property
  4. Your wedding day
  5. A family feud
  6. Proposing to your partner/being proposed to
  7. Watching your team play in a make-or-break match
  8. Getting a promotion
  9. Falling over in public
  10. Getting a pet
  11. Meeting your celebrity crush or idol
  12. The series finale of your favourite show
  13. Sending a message to the wrong WhatsApp chat
  14. Watching a sex scene in a TV show/film with your parents/children
  15. Finding some forgotten money in your pocke
Chris Price