ShinyShiny snippets: Eating disorder hashtags still widespread on TikTok

TikTok videos using hashtags
previously identified as hosting eating-disorder content are continuing to attract views, new research by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate has found. A December report by the campaign group identified “coded” hashtags where users could access potentially harmful videos promoting restrictive diets and so-called “thinspo” content, designed to encourage harmful weight loss. New analysis of those hashtags by the organisation found that since the study, just seven had been removed from the platform and only three carried a health warning on the UK version of the app. Sky News 

Joining short-lived trends like skinny jeans and the denim-on-denim combo that died in 2022 is the app of “authenticity” BeReal. It was a good idea – receiving a notification at a random time of the day telling you to take a photo within two minutes to show your friends what you’re doing in that exact moment. However, the novelty of the app is wearing off as it quickly as it began, and many users have stopped sharing their daily “real” image. In October 2022, 20 million people were posting daily on the app but recent data from Business of Apps shows that last month this had nearly halved to 10.4 million. iNews

British microchip designer Arm says it will not pursue a London stock exchange listing this year. The Cambridge-based firm designs the tech behind processors – commonly known as chips – that power devices from smartphones to game consoles. Reports in January said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had restarted talks with Arm’s owner, Japanese investment giant SoftBank, about a possible UK listing. Arm says it decided a sole US listing in 2023 was “the best path forward”. BBC 

Are you tired of missing your friends and family members’ birthdays and feeling bad about it? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Google Contacts is introducing a new feature that can help you stay up-to-date and look like the most considerate person in the world to those around you. The “Highlights” section in Contacts features a new “For You” feed that displays a Material You style card with a cake icon for contacts whose birthdays are coming up soon. The card also includes a button to call or text them, making it easier for you to wish them the best on their special day. Chrome Unboxed 

Following its debut at the Mobile World Congress at the start of this week the Honor Magic5 Pro enters our office and joins our review queue. So let’s get an unboxing done, then we’ll talk a bit about this powerful smartphone. Honor packages the Magic5 Pro with a case, a 66W charger, and a cable. Our unit is the Meadow Green one.

Honor Magic5 Pro in for review

The Honor Magic5 Pro is a striking device. The corners of its front glass are contoured and taper down at the sides. It creates a smooth and curved look and feel to the phone. Then on the back, the panel rises gently to meet the camera island, creating a subtle bulge that catches the eye. The back is also textured, which will please some and bug others. GSM Arena

Chris Price