Top 10 tech gifts this Christmas

Tech toys are at the top of everyone’s Christmas lists this year – with more than six in 10 households hoping to receive a new gadget.

A poll of 2,000 parents with kids aged 2-18 found mobile phones, games consoles and smart lighting systems are also on many wishlists this year, with 60 per cent already owning up to 20 connected devices in the home.

But 41 per cent fear this will cause more family arguments, thanks to slow Wi-Fi, too many people hogging connections, and having to set everything up.

This is of special concern for 45 per cent of parents, who rely heavily on tech to keep their kids entertained.

A spokesperson for Vodafone, which commissioned the research, said:

“Thirty years ago, the only tech issues households really had to worry about at Christmas was making sure every toy had batteries.

“These days, with smart tech available for every room in the house and everyone having HD-streaming devices in their pockets, homes need a fast and reliable internet connection that reaches all corners of the home.”

The study was conducted to mark the opening of its ‘Ultra Connected Christmas House’ powered by Pro II broadband.

It saw the brand partner with singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor to put it to the test by hosting a one-off Christmas kitchen party, complete with smart lighting, disco balls and Wi-Fi powered projections.

Big family Christmases are back

Sophie Ellis-Bextor said: “Whether I’m listening to my favourite Christmas playlists, streaming festive films or purchasing last minute gifts, the family and I rely on having super speedy Wi-Fi in all corners of the home.”

The research also found 48 per cent of respondents believe having friends and family round at Christmas significantly slows their internet speed.

But 58 per cent think a strong Wi-Fi connection has become ‘imperative’ to a successful December 25th.

And with 46 per cent expecting a ‘big’ gathering this year, with extended friends and family coming together, this could spell trouble for millions of households.

As 28 per cent fear their current Wi-Fi setup won’t be able to handle so many people using it at once.

While 37 per cent admit to frustration when they have trouble connecting in certain areas of their home, with 18 per cent furious when they’re trying to watch a video only to be held back by buffering and stuttering.

Away from Wi-Fi wind-ups, 22 per cent of families are likely to row about what movie they should even watch.

And 16 per cent will bicker over who does what when it comes to making Christmas dinner, according to the OnePoll figures.

Top 10 tech gifts this Christmas

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Tablets
  3. Games console
  4. Smart watch
  5. Wireless headphones
  6. Educational toys
  7. Wireless speakers
  8. Smart lighting
  9. Voice assistant devices e.g. Alexa
  10. Children’s music players e.g. Tonie Box
Chris Price