Shocking Christmas! 90% of budget electrical products may not meet safety standards

electric lights Christmas

Brits could be in for a shocking surprise this Christmas – as experts warn as many as nine in 10 budget electrical products from online marketplaces may not meet safety standards when tested.

Advocates from Electrical Safety First said the cost-of-living crisis, lack of safety regulations and growing numbers of unsafe, possibly cheap or imported items for sale are creating a ‘perfect storm’ for danger.

Research of 2,000 adults also found one in 10 have been shocked or seen sparks that could start a house fire from an electrical item they have bought online.

And 73 per cent are unaware online marketplaces are not required to ensure the safety of electrical products they list for sale.

Most recent figures reported by ESF in 2019, following testing of 15 random electrical items sourced online, found 93 per cent didn’t meet essential UK-based safety criteria and could not be awarded the appropriate certification.

Says Lesley Rudd, chief executive:

“This Christmas could see a perfect storm hit Britain’s hard-up festive shoppers as our attempts to save money could leave us vulnerable to dangerous goods.

 “Sales of electrical products through online marketplaces has grown significantly since 2019. All of these enter the UK market untested from suppliers who are not checked by the marketplace operators.

 “The best gift the Government could give consumers this holiday season is ensuring the safety of online marketplaces so that their Christmas doesn’t go up in smoke.”