Shiny Shiny snippets: More iPhone 14 details leaked including always-on feature

Based on code spotted in iOS 16 and tips from respected sources, it’s widely expected that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are going to get an always-on display feature – and now we’ve got a few more details about how it will look and work. This inside information has been obtained by MacRumors and covers various aspects of the new feature. Widgets will be visible on the lock screen when the always-on mode is enabled, for example, fading in and out in an imperceptible way to prevent screen burn-in. With lock screen wallpapers that have a depth effect, the effect will be removed and darkened in always-on mode. Tech Radar 

NASA has called off the launch of its Artemis 1 rocket after a leak developed – the second time it has failed to go ahead – and has now said the next attempt won’t be likely until late September. Engineers recommended to the launch director the planned lift-off should not go ahead. The rocket’s launch, which was initially planned for earlier this week on Monday 29, was scrubbed following a hydrogen leak. The US space agency has now said it expects the third attempt to be delayed until at least late September. Sky News 

This time last year I had just become the proud new owner of a folding phone – the Samsung Galaxy Flip3. For the uninitiated, this is a handset about the size of an average smartphone, which folds in half. I told everybody who would listen that it was the phone I’d been waiting for since the Motorola Razr clam shell of 2004 – finally I’d have a device that would fit in my pocket again. Thirteen months later, the dream is over….It is now what you might call an ex-phone. BBC 

New data has found that the majority of retail businesses in the UK don’t yet have enough charging facilities to capitalise on opportunities to increase revenue. Many businesses are yet to install any electric car charge points for their customers, and those that have offer an average of just three chargers. This is despite the huge growth in electric cars in recent years, with new EVs accounting for one in 10 new vehicle registrations in July. Retail parks were found to be the furthest along when it came to EV charge point installation with an average of five charge points. Express

The invitation to Apple’s latest iPhone launch event on Wednesday, at which the company is expected to reveal new versions of the iPhone and Apple Watch, shows a starfield in the shape of the company’s logo, with the caption “Far out”. The company’s event invitations frequently contain a gnomic hint at the forthcoming news, usually only visible in the rear-view mirror. But while some of the company’s expected announcements are likely to elicit a sense of amazement, they may not all be in the tone that Apple’s marketing team would hope. The Guardian 


Taxpayer-backed OneWeb has taken a $230m (£199m) hit after Russia forced it to cancel its planned rocket launches and seized its satellites. The London-headquartered company had been due to fire 36 of its satellites into orbit in March from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, which is controlled by Russia’s space agency. But after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin issued an ultimatum to OneWeb, denying it permission to launch until it guaranteed its satellites would not be put to military use and ordering the British Government to sell its stake in the company. Telegraph 

Chris Price