Can You Play Your Favorite Online Casino Games Safely In Malaysia?

Malaysia is known for its gambling scene. Although mostly illegal, it is still possible to gamble safely there. The question is how?

Throughout this article, we will disclose everything you need to know in order to conduct safe and hassle-free gaming in Malaysia by going through the laws and methods one can use to participate in this hobby.

Gambling Laws In Malaysia

First and foremost before we discuss how you can gamble safely, we must first understand Malaysia’s somewhat complicated gambling laws. Malaysia’s gambling laws haven’t been updated since the 1960s and this has created some misinformation in current years.

Malaysia’s population is for the most part Muslim. Under sharia laws gambling is strictly prohibited and frowned upon which makes gaming legally quite the challenge. That being said, Malaysia is also home to some of the world’s luxurious casinos which are fully licensed to operate by Malaysia’s ministry of finance and yet a simple game of wagering at home can still land you in trouble.

For the most part, authorities won’t really bother tourists so long as the gambling is done at the local casinos, but this can be a hassle to get to and those looking to hit up some slot machines are out of luck since most casinos do not even offer them.

On the bright side, tourists can legally and safely wager online for two main reasons. One the law is so outdated it does not mention anything regarding online gambling and two the use of offshore sites means you are technically gaming outside of Malaysia.

How To Gamble Safely

If you do not wish to visit the legal casinos in Malaysia there is still a legal and safe option for you. Thankfully today one can find a list of trusted online casinos for Malaysian citizens which allows players currently in Malaysia to indulge in their favourite casino games safely.

That being said there are a few things worth mentioning to ensure safety when gaming from Malaysia. For starters you must strictly avoid public spaces, remember the sharia law strongly prohibits gambling and the country’s mostly Muslim residents will frown upon those whole indulge in such activities.

Local authorities can also be a pain if you are caught wagering in public since it’s exposing gambling in a public space regardless if it’s online or offshore. Police do not even require a warrant if they suspect home gambling is in place, this could be a friendly game of poker between friends with no real money or any items of value being wagered and yet this is still considered illegal.

When gaming online makes sure to make the home as private as possible to avoid any hassles with authorities, that being said you are by law not doing anything illegal it’s still best practice to keep it to a low. It’s also recommended to use a VPN service and use e-wallet services instead of actual credit cards to help keep your data online even safer.

Methods To Further Improve Safety

Like any form of business found in the online space, there are a number of methods by which malicious users can scam clients roaming the web. Let’s look at a few details you should look out for when choosing an online casino in Malaysia.

License & Regulation

When gaming makes sure to pick a site that has a licence badge to operate. Contrary to belief online casinos whether offshore or not can and should apply for gaming licences. A gaming licence badge can be considered a badge of honour for the site.

In order for a gaming site to achieve a said badge, they must undergo rigorous checks to ensure they provide safe and fair gameplay to their clients. Some of the best authoritarian sites for gaming licences include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)and the Malta Gambling Authority(MGA).

Gaming at sites without proper licencing should be avoided at all costs, it’s recommended to stick to sites that took the time and effort to be recognised by gaming authorities and continue to go through checks to make sure they still offer safe gaming.


Some of the best-scamming sites will provide unimaginable bonuses. Although it’s true online casinos can offer outstanding bonuses compared to brick-and-mortar casinos, some bonuses seem too good to be true.

Sites that cannot gain gaming licences are usually fraudulent sites and in exchange for the licence promise insane bonuses and promotions upon initial deposit. Although there are a number of tips for saving money, using a fraudulent site because they offered a better bonus is not a great idea.


Make sure the site you’re looking to wager on has good site encryption. Data is one of today’s most valuable assets, it’s exactly why social media is “free”. Social media sites understand the importance of data and so they collect it to then sell it off to marketers who can use the data appropriately to sell their items back to you.

Unfortunately, data can be used in a number of malicious ways and it should be kept safe at all costs. To ensure your data is safe make sure the site of choice at least uses basic encryption services such as SSL encryption which is the global standard for online safety.