Top Man Made Dangerous Places To Visit


There are places in this world that have been made to be inhospitable. That’s often due to the climate that makes visiting them too dangerous for most tourists, but sometimes it’s man-made disasters that destroy a place so much, it’s no longer fit for people.

Some of those locations are on our list and they have been attracting the most daring of tourists for years. Keep in mind since these are not ordinary vacation destinations you’ll need to prepare a bit before taking a trip.

Mount Washington, USA

Mount Washington is the highest peak of the Northern US. The mountain is known for its winds that can blow at speeds of 231 miles per hour. The top of the Mountain is used by a variety of different agencies and institutions mostly for placing radio and communication towers where they can have the most reach.

Climbing to the summit has also attracted enthusiasts and professionals alike and it’s usually considered to be a climb similar to that of climbing Everest due to the difficult weather conditions.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine is known as the home to the world’s largest nuclear disaster. Since the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant suffered a meltdown the city has been abandoned. Decades later it started to attract tourists since it’s exciting and post-apocalyptic in its appearance. The city is frozen in the state in which it was in 1986 when the accident took place. The event marked a turning point in nuclear policy and attitude towards the future of the USSR.

You will have to go by car to visit some of these locations. But, remember you’ll need an international drivers license for Ukraine depending on where you live. The document is only valid with your national permit.

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Seen from afar, these islands seem like a paradise on earth. They are everything you may want from a tropical island. However, the visitors are only allowed to view it from afar. That’s because the island was used to test nuclear weapons and is now uninhabited.

Those who lived on the Bikini Atoll islands were forced to move and the island is hazardous for any and all living creatures that still live on them. This strange destination is therefore a monument to the destructive power of nuclear weapons and man in general.

Elephant Kingdom, Chonburi, Thailand

This strange destination in Thailand is actually just a raft that the locals rent to tourists so they can experience a crocodile farm and remain safe in the process. The visitors are allowed to feed the crocodiles from the raft causing a frenzy in the water.

Some tourists even go so far as to dangle the meat over the water and cause the crocodiles to jump up and grab it. There’s no way to get more up close and personal with these dangerous animals than this without getting hurt in the process. If you’re up for it, it’s once in a lifetime type of trip.