Top Gifts to impress your girlfriend or wife

You might have a birthday or anniversary coming up for your girlfriend or wife but are stuck on what to buy them. Look no further as we provide you with some top ideas for the special occasion.

Cook a Lovely Meal 

Going to the effort of choosing the correct ingredients for a meal and spending time putting together a 3 course meal for your special lady is a great way to demonstrate how much you care about them. It will make the meal even more special once they know that you spent time cooking their favourite meal so that you could enjoy it together. 

Book an Activity For The Day

Perhaps it might be nice to go on an adventure for the day or undertake an activity that you do not normally do. You could go rock climbing, play crazy golf, visit a theme park, go bowling or go walking in a National Trust park to admire all the natural beauty. As long as it is something different to what you normally do, it will make the day feel more special. 


Sparkly Diamonds

You can’t go wrong with jewellery for your other half, so why not invest in some lovely Abelini diamond earrings to make them feel special. There are various shades you could opt for, so choosing some earrings in their favourite colour will personalise the gift and show that you know what they like. 

A Trip to the Theatre

If there is a show in the West End that you know she will like then why not book surprise tickets to a show. You could go for a nice meal beforehand and then surprise her with tickets to her favourite show. 

Get Creative 

Making your gifts a bit more personalised will provide a nice touch. You could put together a photo album of memories which the two of you have shared since you have been together and write little captions under each photo of where and what you did that day or buy the best golf gifts

You could get a personalised canvas made of a special moment you experienced together, to hang up in your home. Gifts where you can add a personalised photo are a lovely touch and truly unique. 

Recreate Your First Date

Reminiscing and trying to recreate the very first date you shared together will be a lovely way to spend this special occasion with them. Whether it is revisiting the same restaurant in Hyde Park Cincinnati where you had your first meal together or doing the same activity all over again, it will be a nice way to celebrate your anniversary or their Birthday.