Top 40 things your Mum knows best about

Researchers polled the nation and revealed that it is not until the age of 28 that we FINALLY agree that our Mum DID know best. In fact, according to the survey, most women turn into their mothers by the age of 32, with 41 percent of parents finding themselves telling their children EXACTLY what their own mother told them.

Overall, 46 percent of those surveyed have learned to accept that Mum really did know best about “most things”, while a further 20 percent believe she was right about “everything”.

And the importance of politeness came top of the list of things we believe she was right about (35 percent), according to the survey. To learn from your mistakes (33 percent), that family comes first (30 percent) and to choose your friends carefully (27 percent) also featured high in the list.

Other ‘mum-isms’ we finally agree she was right about include “you will understand when you have children” (27 percent), “eat your greens” (27 percent), “use the bathroom before leaving the house” (25 percent), as well as the old sayings, “no means no” (28 percent) and “a tidy room is a tidy mind” (21 percent).

The research from online marketplace, notonthehighstreet, also found that mum taught us useful life lessons like “never go to bed on argument” (22 percent), “open the door for others” (20 percent) and that “a leopard never changes its spots” (19 percent).

She told us not to sleep with wet hair (18 percent), to avoid growing up too fast (18 percent) and to make time to read (17 percent). In fact, 26 percent confess they didn’t realise quite how much she did for them before they became parents themselves.

39 percent of Britons are missing their Mums more than ever during lockdown and a quarter admit they’ve learnt more from the woman who raised them than anyone else. 28 percent describe their Mum as their best friend, while three in ten say their mother taught them to be who they are today (31 percent).

We dedicate over two hours a week keeping in contact with our mums (140 minutes in total), with women spending 30 minutes more speaking to their Mum on average, whether that’s with a chinwag on the phone or through messages. Almost half of those polled said their mother will be the very first person they embrace when restrictions are lifted later this year (48 percent).

And although this year’s Mother’s Day will be a quiet affair, 38 percent of Britons are determined to still make it a special occasion and say thank you for everything they have done, by sending a specially chosen present (48 percent), posting a beautiful, heartfelt card (44 percent), and even organising a video call lunch date (16 percent) or waving at her at her doorstep (14 percent).

In fact, 39 percent agree that their Mum is by far their favourite person to spoil and show how much they love them.

Says Ella d’Amato, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer from notonthehighstreet, which conducted the research:

“Despite our worlds being turned upside down over the last 12 months, parents have been there every step of the way. Our research to celebrate Mother’s Day highlights just how much we’ve missed our mums this year, and truly how much we learn from them – everything from classic advice, to self-acceptance.”

 Top 40 things Mums know best 

  1. Always be polite to others        35%
  2. Learn from your mistakes         33%
  3. Family comes first         30%
  4. No means no          28%
  5. You will understand when you have children      27%
  6. Choose your friends carefully        27%
  7. Eat your greens          27%
  8. Patience is a virtue         26%
  9. Go to the bathroom before you leave the house      25%
  10. Be a good listener         24%
  11. Be kind to others, even if they’re not kind to you     23%
  12. Always wear clean underwear in case you get run over     23%
  13. Never go to bed on an argument       22%
  14. Speak up for what you believe in       21%
  15. Try to see the best in people        21%
  16. A tidy room is a tidy mind        21%
  17. Don’t put on your coat until you get outside or you won’t feel the benefit  20%
  18. Always open doors for others        20%
  19. A leopard never changes its spots       19%
  20. Don’t grow up too fast         18%
  21. Never go to bed with wet hair        18%
  22. Learn to cook a roast         17%
  23. Make time to read         17%
  24. Go with your gut         16%
  25. Get eight hours of sleep a night        16%
  26. Invest in comfortable shoes        15%
  27. Go the extra mile         15%
  28. Don’t add salt to your food until you’ve tried it      15%
  29. Always wear sunscreen         14%
  30. If you can’t be good, be safe        14%
  31. Don’t frown or you’ll get wrinkles       14%
  32. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer      12%
  33. To have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all    12%
  34. Learn to respect the opposite sex       11%
  35. Take time away from screens        9%
  36. Drink a pint of water after a night out       9%
  37. Always cleanse, tone and moisturise       8%
  38. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows        8%
  39. “One for the road” is never a good idea       6%
  40. Always carry wet wipes         6%


Chris Price