The 5 Most Desired Features of a Great Kitchen

kitchen features

Your kitchen’s status as the heart of the home cannot be underestimated. But when it is not living up to its expectations, the best place to begin is a list of the essential kitchen features. While it is high on the priority list for most home improvers, it is about making sure that the space is stylish and functional, but is also serving its purpose. Let’s show you some of the most vital ingredients.

Functional Flooring

Many people believe that flooring in a kitchen is all about the laminate. And it’s hard to disagree, because laminate is flooring at its most functional. The big problem with the laminate is that it doesn’t stay pristine for long. Style trumps substance every time but you can still aim for practicality with engineered wood flooring. Slippery kitchen floors are death traps, which is why you need something sturdy but still looks classy.

A Kitchen Larder

In an ideal world, a walk-in larder or pantry is the best, but it’s not practical for most. Having a built-in larder that fits in next to your cupboards is a perfect way to blend in practicality with a little bit of style. Larders can be built into the walls which helps to remove the clunkiness or overcrowded nature of larders.

A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island isn’t just a place for people to congregate, but it’s got to be multifunctional. When you do it right, a kitchen island can make the most of the space but can also incorporate appliances, storage, and be a dining space. But in order to do this right, you need enough space around the island so it doesn’t feel cramped. In addition, think about the practicalities of the oven. For example, if you open the oven door, will it bang against the kitchen island? Kitchen islands can comprise so many items and uses. It doesn’t just have to be somewhere for extra storage, but you can use it to store wine, be your workstation, as well as incorporate extra shelving. Alternatively, you can always cook outdoors by using a company such as RTA Outdoor Living to install a kitchen in your garden or backyard!

Smart Appliances

Your kitchen needs to make life easier for you. Smart appliances such as boiling water taps are a godsend in the modern kitchen. In addition, you may want to incorporate a refrigerator that is a handy place for your shopping list in digital form. There’s a wide variety of smart appliances that you can utilise right away. 

Mix-and-Match Worktops

You don’t need to stick to one type of worktop material. If this is your first home, you can mix up a handful of materials to create visual interest. But in addition, it could be more practical. For example, if you use granite as a worktop area that requires more heat and moisture resistance it is a fantastic way to make your kitchen go the distance.

The modern kitchen doesn’t have to be full of these appliances, but these are some of the most desired features of a great kitchen in this day and age. Take some inspiration and see where it takes you.