Only 3 in 10 back up data on their smartphones

A study of 2,000 adults who own a smartphone revealed only three in 10 have backed up the data on their devices in the last 12 months.

And 27 per cent admitted they have NEVER done so.

But a fifth said their phone is the only place they keep baby photos or videos of their children while a quarter store the only pictures they have of family members who have passed away. As a result, 44 per cent believe their phone is as important to them as any family heirloom.

The study also found that the average adult takes 20 photos every fortnight on their phones, along with 11 videos. But one in four have lost a mobile phone for good – whether through misplacing it, or having it stolen.

Another 34 per cent have damaged a mobile beyond repair, losing all the precious data contained within.

The top way Brits either lose or damage their phones was found to be spilled drinks, which 24 per cent of respondents have done. However, a fifth have accidentally sat on their phone and crushed it, while the same amount have temporarily lost theirs down the side of a sofa cushion.

One in 20 have even dropped their phone out of a car window, and more than a tenth have dropped it into the loo, according to the SO-SURE study carried out through OnePoll. But 26 per cent said if they lost or broke their phone, they couldn’t afford to replace it outright.

Phone insurance company, SO-SURE commissioned the research into the nation’s attitudes towards their devices, and also created a quiz to tell you what kind of phone owner you are. 

Says Dylan Bourguignon, CEO at SO-SURE:

“Having a smartphone is the norm for most, but so many of us willingly leave them unprotected. Familiarity means we simply assume our phones will always be there and working, as that’s the case almost all of the time.

“However, many have a ‘head in the sand’ approach to backing up their precious data, assuming the worst will never happen to them.”


1. Spilt a drink on it
2. Lost it for a while between the sofa’s cushions
3. Sat on it
4. Accidentally pushed it off the side or worktop
5. Fell from their bag while going through it to find something
6. Dropped it while doing sport
7. Dropped it down the toilet
8. Had it stolen
9. Left it on public transport
10. Spilt food onto it
11. Left it at the restaurant/coffee place
12. Left it in the sun causing it to overheat
13. Left it at a venue’s toilets (pub, club, conference)
14. Dropped it in the bath
15. Dropped it while exercising
16. Tripped over a curb and dropped it
17. Left it lying on the floor and stepped on it
18. Dropped it out of a car window
19. Dropped it in a puddle
20. Threw it to someone who didn’t catch it
21. Loaned it to a child and it came back damaged/sticky
22. Threw it against a wall in anger
23. Spilt a drink in their handbag which water damaged it
24. Broke the headphone socket so headphones no longer fitted properly
25. Dropped it off a cliff while talking a selfie
26. Left it in a taxi
27. Put it through the washing machine by accident
28. Cleaned it with an antibacterial wipe and damaged it
29. Tried to clean or wash it and water damaged it
30. Dropped it out of a window




Chris Price