1 in 4 adults buying Christmas presents for themselves

Almost a quarter of adults plan to buy a Christmas present for themselves this year – because they don’t expect many gifts from others and think they deserve a treat.

A study of 2,000 Brits found 12 per cent are planning to splash out on their own games console while 15 per cent want to reward themselves with some new clothes to boost their mood. Others are going to buy themselves make-up (10 per cent), a laptop (12 per cent) and a mobile phone (14 per cent).

But while almost half think they simply deserve a treat, 29 per cent are not expecting many gifts from others. And 22 per cent would rather buy something for themselves than ask others to get it as a present.

The research, commissioned by centre:mk, revealed the average adult also plans to buy Christmas presents for eight people.

Kim Priest at centre:mk said: “Given the year that everybody has had, it is interesting to see so many people are planning to buy themselves a gift this Christmas, as well as for their friends and family.

“This self-gifting trend will bring positivity to many who feel they deserve a treat as they have indulged less during this extraordinary year.

“More than a quarter of those surveyed are not expecting many gifts from others, so this way they are sure to get exactly what they want. This little pick-me-up is a good way for people to bring 2020 to a close.

The study also found 61 per cent will be buying a present for their partner, 51 per cent for their children, 49 per cent for their Mums and 38 per cent for their Dads. But Uncles, colleagues and even Grandparents look likely to go without this year.

The most popular gifts on people’s shopping lists included perfume or aftershave, candles and skincare, with chocolates, alcohol and books topping the list. And following a stressful 2020, 14 per cent plan to buy more wellbeing gifts this year, while 31 per cent will put more thought into the presents they give.

A fifth also plan to spend more time choosing personal gifts this Christmas and 19 per cent will put more ‘effort’ into the task.

It also emerged that despite the financial worries, the amount of money people plan to spend has only decreased by £11 – with an average of £347 being forked out this year, compared to £358 in 2019.

But more than half of those polled via OnePoll have already started their shopping, with 26 per cent admitting this is earlier than usual.

An organised 16 per cent hope to finish their gift buying as early as four weeks before the big day – November 27th – while 21 per cent realistically plan to complete it with just one week to spare by December 18th.

Top 50 gifts people plan to buy themselves:

1. Clothes
2. Perfume/aftershave
3. Mobile phone
4. Games console
5. Laptop
6. Chocolates
7. Books
8. Trainers
9. Makeup
10. Alcohol
11. Handbag
12. A kindle
13. Skin care e.g. cleanser
14. Candles
15. A watch
16. Tablet
17. A holiday
18. Pyjamas
19. A photo-frame
20. House plants
21. Earrings
22. Slippers
23. An experience voucher e.g. afternoon tea voucher
24. Winter accessories e.g. hat, gloves, scarf
25. A necklace
26. Vinyl records/CDs
27. Children’s toys
28. Underwear
29. Jigsaw puzzle
30. Toiletries e.g. shower gel
31. Headphones
32. Exercise gear e.g. weights
33. A TV
34. Video games
35. Cufflinks
36. A bracelet
37. Socks
38. Kitchen appliances e.g. coffee machine, mixing stand
39. Crafts e.g. make your own macramé kit
40. Smart shoes e.g. heels
41. A ring
42. Hair straighteners
43. Gift vouchers
44. Camera
45. Boxsets
46. An engagement ring
47. Gaming chair
48. Purse/wallet
49. Bath bubbles / bath bombs
50. Furniture

The top 10 gifts people plan to buy others this Christmas:

1. Chocolates
2. Alcohol
3. Books
4. Clothes
5. Toiletries e.g. shower gel
6. Perfume/aftershave
7. Gift vouchers
8. Children’s toys
9. Pyjamas
10. Candles

Chris Price