Top Five Autumn Photo Tips

Autumn is one of the most photogenic times of the year. From the beautiful orange and red tones in the leaves on the trees to stunning auburn landscapes, the great outdoors is just waiting to be captured this season.

Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE, shares her top five tips for great autumn photography, so you can make the most of this beautiful season.

1) Make the most of bold, bright colours

The colours that autumn brings are truly like no other! Various shades of auburn, orange, red and yellow cover the outdoors and almost demand to be photographed. To make the most of it, start your outdoor photography either in the early morning or early evening, as that’s when the sun is low and offers a soft glow. This subtle light will make the incredible colours stand out, so you are able to create stunning imagery that reflects the beauty that the eye can see.

You’ll notice these colours in all of your surroundings whether you go on a woodland walk, a city adventure or even in your back garden! Keep an eye out for the subtle changes that occur as the season begins to transition, as these colours are truly breath-taking to capture.

To make the most of this cosy colour palette, display your favourite autumn photographs in the form of wall art in your home – helping you to bring a little bit of the beauty of the outdoors, indoors this season.

 2) Embrace the landscape

The autumn landscape is a photographer’s dream due to the stunning colours and natural light that the season brings. Whether you take a trip to a nearby wood and photograph the wild trees and crunchy leaves or head to a lake to get creative by capturing reflections in the water – there are some really beautiful scenes to be photographed at this time of year.

The best time to capture the autumnal landscape is during golden hour this is just as the sun begins to set. This time of day makes the colours even more vibrant and stand out in the natural, soft, glowing light. If you plan to photograph near water, whether in puddles or a lake, this is the time of day to do so as the light sends ripples across the water and will bring the shot to life.

To elevate your shot even further, add some fallen, colourful leaves to the water to help frame the true beauty of the autumn landscape in front of you.

 3) Capture wildlife through your lens

Capturing wildlife getting ready to hibernate for the winter season can be truly beautiful. Animals such as squirrels, hedgehogs, birds and deer can be spotted outdoors in places such as woods or forests, so you’ll need to practise your candid approach. If you do spot them whilst on your travels, try to capture them amongst the red and orange leaves. The contrasting colours will make the animal stand out and look striking against the bold background.

4) Utilise the mornings

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm! And this is true when it comes to photography in autumn – sometimes, getting up that bit earlier can help you capture the best of the season. Wrap up warm and head out early to take advantage of foggy mornings. Although it is early, this is a great time to capture shots of autumn fields and misty woods.

Try not to be put off is the sun is shining. You’ll be surprised at how much beauty you can capture if you shoot just as the sun begins to rise. Of course, you have to act quickly, but you could capture some almost mystical shots with the sun rays streaming through the fog and on to the autumnal forest floor.

5) Organise a family photo shoot

This time of year is a great time to get all the family together for a fun outdoor photo shoot. The landscape provides beautiful props that will make the shoot fun and exciting – for kids and adults alike! Choose a setting with crunchy leaves that can be thrown in the air, wear brightly coloured wellies and jump through puddles or visit a pick your own pumpkin patch. You’re sure to capture lots of laughter and make happy memories that you’ll cherish forever in the photos you take.

The beauty of doing a photoshoot in autumn is that you’ll not only capture beautiful photos, you’ll also be able to utilise them in the winter months. Why not turn them into greeting cards to send to family as the festive season approaches? Or, turn them into photo gifts such as a photobook or a piece of wall art to gift to relatives and loved ones.


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