9 tips to keep love alive during lockdown

Love during lockdown is tough for everyone, particularly those in relationships who can’t be together. But, a little self-isolation shouldn’t come between celebrating relationship milestones – no matter how big or small they may be.

Whether you’re newly coupled, or you’re celebrating your 10 year anniversary, here are Interflora’s ultimate tips for how to celebrate your love during lockdown.

  1. Go extra for Friday night dinner

So, you can’t go out to your favourite restaurant to celebrate your anniversary, and you can’t face another Friday night dinner sat in front of the TV? So why not bring restaurant-standard dining to your own home? Lay the table with candles and flowers, your favourite bottles of wine and a three-course extravaganza.  And with so many restaurants delivering straight to your door, you don’t even need to get a sweat on in the kitchen. Bon Appetit!

  1. Dress up!

Ok, so you may have been hibernating in the same sweatpants for the last five days, but sometimes it’s nice to make a little effort – especially if it’s an occasion. If you’re celebrating something, why not put on your favourite dress, throw on a little makeup and do your hair for date night? Even if it’s over Facetime, it’s fun for you both to get dressed up and act like you’re out for drinks at your favourite bar.

  1. Send love through the post

Nothing is bound to put a smile on someone’s face than a little surprise through the post, especially during lockdown. If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in different households, let them know you care by sending them a little pick me up pressie.

  1. Recreate your favourite memories

If you’re feeling stuck in a quarantine rut, why not make things a little fun by recreating your favourite memories together. It could be recreating your favourite beach holiday out in your garden, mixing up your favourite cocktails from your last date night out, or having a themed evening based on your favourite city break. The options are endless! 

  1. Make a modern mixtape

Take a retro idea – the classic cassette mixtape – and put a modern twist on it for a quick and easy way to perk up isolation! Why not create a Spotify playlist for your partner to listen to during lockdown? If you’re living apart then this is an easy but thoughtful way to show them that you care.

  1. Love a little culture? Spend a night at the museum

If you and your other half love nothing better than a trip to a gallery, then make the most of the free virtual tours museums around the world are offering. This date night, why not take a trip around the Natural History Museum or the National Gallery – and all from the comfort of your own sofa!

  1. Try a takeout lucky dip

Another great one to give a go if you’re isolating apart – why not surprise each other with a takeaway? Set a date, time and budget, and leave the rest up to your other half (hopefully they know you well enough by now to be able to make the RIGHT choice!).

  1. Try your hand at sketching

If you and your other half love being creative, why not turn isolation into your own art class? If you’ve got pencils and paper to hand, then celebrate your relationship milestone by sketching each other! You’ll have super-personalised gifts at the end, which you can frame and keep forever.

  1. Netflix party and chill

And finally, if you love nothing better than chilling out with some great TV or the latest blockbuster, then get yourselves signed up to Netflix Party. You can both enjoy the same screening in real time and chat over video message, perfect for those couples who prefer celebrating their relationship milestones with a cosy night in.


Chris Price