Instagram helps students with Instazine. 5 tips to reduce stress levels

Exam time is stressful enough for any student. Whereas those leaving the exam hall once shared their thoughts with mates in the playground, these days much of the chat is via social media.

Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram said it had found the use of the hashtag #examstress on the platform had risen 640% between March and May 2018. And The Mix – a crisis support service for young people – claimed it had seen usage of its service increase among young people by 114% on this time last year.

So in order to help stressed-out students, Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram has decided to launch an online magazine giving students advice and support around mental health during exam season.

Called #GramFam, this Instazine features input and advice from a number of celebrities and influencers. These include actress and campaigner Jameela Jamil and Love Island’s Dr Alex George.


“Year on year we see more young people struggling with stress during exam season,” says The Mix’s Chief Executive Chris Martin. “This issue of the Instazine will reach far and wide with tips from new supporters such as Jameela Jamil and KissFM’s Tom Green,” he continues.

“It will enable us to support anyone struggling under the pressure of exams, letting them know that The Mix is there whatever life throws their way.”

Calm boss Simon Gunning adds: “We’re delighted to bring our #GramFam campaign with The Mix and Instagram to life with this #GramFam Live event, centred around supporting young people through the difficult revision and exam period.

“The reaction to this campaign has been great, both from our audience and from the people who have taken part so far,” he continues. “This includes Dr Alex, Lewis Capaldi, DJ Neev, MOB Kitchen and Calm ambassadors Romesh Ranganathan and Loyle Carner.”

“We’re looking forward to #GramFam Live delivering entertaining and funny content with an important message underpinned throughout.”

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5 ways to reduce stress during your exams

Some stress is good and gets your adrenaline pumping. But too much can be bad for your body and your grades!

Prepare in advance: We don’t just mean do your revision. Hopefully that goes without saying! Make sure before your exams you know exactly where they are taking place, what time they start and any materials you need. There’s nothing worse than turning up to an exam feeling all flustered because you’ve gone to the wrong place.

Cut down on the caffeine: While a little bit of stimulant keeps you attentive, too much and you will become more anxious. So cut down on drinks like coffee and Red Bull and drink plenty of water instead. 

Eat healthily: Eating fresh food with zero chemicals and preservatives is much better for your body and brain than eating foods saturated with sugar and carbs. 

Sleep properly: When you sleep for at least 6 hours after studying material, your brain remembers it much better. The information you studied percolates in your brain overnight so it can be retrieved for the test.

Get some exercise: Go for a run, a swim or play football. Whatever your sport, it doesn’t matter. The physical stress on your body actually relieves emotional stress, tension and anxiety.



Chris Price