Casino Fashion Trends 2019

Casinos are often associated with glamour, fashion and the jet-set lifestyle, with high rollers and their hangers-on dressing to impress when they hit the tables.

If you want to get a taste of that scene, or simply avoid looking out of place when you visit a casino in 2019, here are a few of the fashion trends to embrace.

Flat shoes are en vogue

Women who are worried about having to rock an uncomfortable pair of high heels for a few hours on the casino floor can breathe easy, as this year sees the rise of flats as the most fashionable form of footwear.

Contemporary flat shoe designs are incredibly varied, from plain leather products to more outlandishly colourful alternatives. You can find stylish, designer flats from major houses like Gucci, or simply head to mainstream outlets like Topshop or Zara for more affordable equivalents.

Of course if you want to gamble without worrying about what you are wearing in any way, sites like Casumokasino that let you play slots and other popular casino games online will be your best bet.

Neon is so ‘now’

In the aftermath of the 80s and 90s it seemed like muted tones were here to stay and the day-glo fashions of decades gone by were no longer so acceptable. Of course fashion is a cyclical beast, so it is no surprise to see that the trend for eye-wateringly intense neon tones has returned.

From flowing evening dresses decked out in hot pink to tracksuit combos that mix lurid yellow with electric blue, there is a neon fashion outfit for men and women alike. This kind of getup might seem a little much out in the daylight, but in the party atmosphere of a casino it will be the perfect accompaniment.

Big shoulders are back

Another revival of a fad from an earlier era can be seen in the size of the shoulder sections of many cutting edge dresses and suit jackets.

Houses like Yves Saint Laurent have been ploughing this furrow anew with some truly spectacular concoctions in the past few months, and there is no sign of this particular trend coming to an end any time soon.

One advantage of having puffed or particularly padded shoulders in a casino setting is that you will definitely be able to find enough space when you want to approach a busy table game. People will be more likely to give you some room if you have a bit more physical presence provided artificially by your fashion choices.

Double breasted suits are on trend

The standard suit jacket setup for men has remained resolutely the same for a long time, with the assumed formality of a double breasted example failing to find favour with subsequent generations. However, this is changing in 2019 as the double breasted suit is being revived by a number of stylish young stars from the worlds of cinema, TV and music.

As with a number of the trends covered so far, the classiness of a double breasted suit is precisely what makes it so appropriate for a casino, whereas in other settings it might make the wearer feel overdressed. A large part of the allure that gambling houses offer to patrons is the opportunity to dress up and not feel self conscious about being self indulgent, which is ideal for anyone who has ever wanted to try out a double breasted suit.

Ultimately any fashion choice you make for a casino visit should be informed by your own sense of style and your budget, but this is definitely an environment which rewards experimentation as much as opulence.