Are You a Photographer? Here is Why You Should Use a VPN

If you’re looking to pursue photography for more than just a hobby, then having your own website is a must. Having a website comes with a lot of advantages; gives you a platform to sell your work, you stand out, define your style and build a strong brand image. However, for those pursuing this, the question of website security comes in.

So much effort goes into creating the perfect content, but the matter of security is often overlooked. If you do this, you’re strangling your success and even worse, your career. Cyber attacks are often disastrous and harmful for your reputation as an artist. Virtual Private Networking is here to ensure that it doesn’t come to this. Below are some of the reasons why.

Why VPN for Photographers?

Business Protection

Photographers often use their websites to attract clients and sell their work. Any creative online business needs to be very cautious when it comes to security, more so if there are cash transactions involved. Good online security not only keeps off external attacks from your site but also helps create a stronger professional reputation and inspires trust among your clients.

Whether you contract simple malware with pop-ups all over your sites or your site is rendered unusable, once your security has been breached, many people will fear coming back for security reasons. Even worse, you could get malware that will harm your bank account and mess with your reputation.

Virtual Private Networking is here for the rescue; it encrypts traffic between the browser and the website server itself protecting your money transactions from external business threats. Keep your business immune to third-party infiltrations.

Protect Your Data

What many people don’t know is that while protecting your website, it’s not just the content that is at risk of theft. Cybercrime also targets any personal information associated with your website. Stuff like email addresses, phone numbers, credit card information for payment processors and even log in details.

We should be wary of online identity theft; this might seem a world away while you’re creating your photography website, but the threat is just a click away. Be cautious if you’re sharing personal information with someone else on the internet.

Once we connect to public Wi-Fi networks, we are highly susceptible to cyber threats. The safest way is to use a VPN. A VPN secures the connection between the internet and your device; no spy can access your data on insecure networks. VPN encrypts the traffic that runs between your device and the VPN server and then connects to the internet after mimicking a private connection.

Protect Your Customers

Remember, it’s not about the website security alone but also the security of your clients. There is the online selling and buying of photography; this involves payment transactions. Handling transactions requires you to go an extra mile concerning security. Keep in mind that credit card information is one of the most sensitive details about a person available on the internet. A customer losing money on your site due to security issues is bad for business; damage to your reputation is irreversible.

Also, visitors who create accounts on your sites are required to fill in some log in details. This information, once accessed by hackers could be disastrous. It is, therefore, your duty as an administrator to ensure that your customer’s data is safe and not subject to any manipulation. Virtual Private Networking is here to realize that.

Better Offers

This mainly applies to travel photographers. If you need better deals for your travel photography, you need to get a VPN. Companies are now showing and targeting deals based on your location and internet behavior. Deals are typically localized, and most times, you’ll end up missing out on deals that are not from your region.

Business competition is stiff, and having a reliable VPN will gear your photography business towards realizing global potential. You will be able to hide your location and get access to international deals.

VPNs Help Prevent Censorship

You might be living in countries with restrictions over what content should be uploaded for internet viewing. This could be bad for business. As a photographer, you need access to a myriad of photography sites; exposure boosts your skill.

VPNs help you get access to some of the best online photography that’s not readily available to a typical online user. With full access to fine art and content, you will be able to provide your clients with unlimited access to the best available photographic material. Look for the best VPN provider reviews, such as CyberGhost review, and subscribe to a VPN service to take your photography to the next level.


For most photographers, it’s easy to get caught up in the artistic and inspiring side of the business. However, focusing on the practical details like security can be equally crucial to your success. The security potential of VPNs is a godsend to you as a photographer.

Have you ever tried VPN for photography before? Feel free to share with us your experience in the comments.

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