Skill Based Slot Machines

We all know what video slots and themed slots are. Since the 1990s, the popularity of video slots has exploded, mostly due to the kids born in 90s and the millennials who are quite a bit more technologically adept than other casino players. However, there’s one problem – casino slots do get boring for millennials after a while as there’s no skill set involved in the gameplay. Enter skill-based slot machines.

What Are Skill-Based Slot Machines?

Haven’t heard the term? Neither did we until recently. When you look at a classic slot, it’s clear it requires no special skill set to play it. You place your bet, push the spin button and wait for the outcome. This can get pretty stale after a while. In order to bring back enjoyment in the world of slots and attract millennials and younger audiences in general, developers have invented skill-based slot machines.

Just like the name suggests, these slots need a bit of skill and technological know-how in order to be played. Nothing too complicated for millennials and kids born in the 90s. However, if you read expert opinions on this groundbreaking invention, skill-based slots are not exclusively intended for millennials. In fact, slot players of all ages are adapting to the brave new world and are playing these new slots quite more often.

How Do Skill-Based Slots Work?

Instead of playing against a machine, skill-based slots allow players to test their skills against each other. Another great aspect of this variation of slots is that they’re competitive and have a social aspect as well. Would you say no to a game of skill-based Gamblit Poker with your friends? Probably not.

If you watch people play skill-based slots you will surely see their competitive nature kick in quickly. The interactivity is another advantage over classic slots – after all, it’s far more appealing than staring at a screen and hitting the push button (or pulling a lever) while your money goes down the drain and you wait for Lady Luck to strike.

Not everything is great, though. Skill-based slot machines are hard to integrate into a casino as they can easily get lost among the sea of vertical flashing classic slot screens. The jackpot these new machines offer is not bigger than classic slots as they still haven’t attracted a big audience. The social aspect is another problem – according to casino owners, it distracts their clients from gambling and placing further bets which is exactly the opposite of what they expect.

Finally, those large touchscreens need to be kept in mint condition at all times. No one likes dragging their fingers over smudged screens, which means attendants need to clean the machine all day long.

All in all, these innovative machines are a great PR opportunity, but it’s far too early to say if they will end up replacing all the classic slots. As more players play them the progressive jackpots will get higher over time, so maybe that will be the thing that will make players switch to skill-based slots.