Livall smart cycle helmet now available in Halfords for £69

Halfords has become the first UK retailer to stock the innovative Livall MTL Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet.

The helmet uses a motion sensor and, in the event of an accident, will automatically send an SMS text alert to emergency contacts which have been set up previously in the accompanying app. The SMS also contains a GPS positioning link to show the rider’s location on a map.

Using a control mounted to the handlebars, the helmet also allows users to trigger an amber indicating signal to show other road users when the wearer is making a turn.

Complementing the turn indicator is an LED tail light on the back which helps to boost visibility during early morning and evening commutes.

Halfords research into cycling safety shows ten per cent of people would cycle more regularly if there were better cycling safety products, while 28 per cent of those surveyed said they’re too scared to cycle on UK roads.

Says Halfords’ cycling helmet expert Julia Williams:

“Our customers told us that better safety products would encourage them to cycle more, and we feel this helmet will help them become more confident when on the roads.

“We also know visibility can be a major barrier to cycling and think the indicating feature will help commuters to overcome these barriers and encourage more people to cycle.”

A controller mounted to handlebars is used to adjust signals, while the Livall app will record time, speed and mileage making cycling safer. It also now includes Siri, iHealth and Strava connectivity too.

The Livall MTL Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet is available in black and is priced at £69 exclusively from

Chris Price