What are salt lamps and why do you need one?

Ever seen a salt lamp? They are gorgeous rock-like structures, usually pink or orange in colour, just like the one pictured above. Often they sit on a wooden base to keep them stable and while some people prefer a natural look as if the salt has just been excavated from a salt mine, others prefer them crafted into a shape such as a circle, pyramid (see below) or even a heart shape!
However, people don’t choose these gorgeous Himalayan salt lamp candle holders simply for their decorative allure – as important as that is. Many also consider them important for their potential health and well being benefits. For example, many people report that it’s like having an open window on your desk or in your living room – a softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air.

So just how do these salt lamps clean the air? They are thought to purify the air through what is known as hygroscopy. Simply put, hygroscopy attracts water molecules from the environment and then absorbs these molecules, as well as any possible foreign particles they may be carrying, into the salt crystal.

Health benefits?

It is thought that salt lamps warm up from the heat produced by the bulb inside and that particles of pollen, dust, smoke, even mildew and mould, which are in the air become absorbed into the salt.

As a result, many asthma sufferers have been known to enjoy the perceived benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. After a week or two, many claim they are able to notice a big difference in air quality.

So the benefits of salt lamps are possibly twofold. They may remove impurities from the air and they may also help your body’s filtering process so that any unhealthy particles you do happen to breathe in won’t make it to your lungs.
They could even help those that suffer from stress, chronic fatigue, and poor immune systems. 

Now that you have decided that the potential benefits are too good to ignore you just have to decide where to place your lamp! Have a rough estimate of the area you want it to to affect as coverage is determined by the size of the lamp. On average, you can calculate a 1lb Himalayan Salt Lamp will cleanse the air in about a 4 ft x 4 ft area. Then simply plug the salt lamp in and turn it on to begin enjoying the possible health benefits in your home or at the office.

Different colours

One company which has a wide range to choose from is Emba Salt Lamps. Here you can find a large and diverse selection of salt lamps in a number of different designs, including pyramids, hearts as well as more natural designs. You can even choose different colours – not only the familiar orange colour but also more unusual blue and green colours (see pic above).

Prices start from around $49AUS with the company offering free delivery and free returns on orders over $60AUS. 

Offering potential health benefits, coupled with great looks and reasonable prices, salt lamps are a great addition for your home or office.