Pawbo announces smart water fountain for pets

Want to know just how much your pet is drinking, especially in this very warm weather? Pet technology company Pawbo might just have the solution.

Called Pawbo Spring, it’s the first smart pet water fountain that allows pet owners to monitor their pets’ health and wellbeing by measuring and recording water consumption, through the Pawbo Spring app.

Owned by tech giants Acer, Pawbo has a number of products that help pet owners get to know their pet’s health and wellbeing better. The latest addition to the range, the Pawbo Spring, holds 3 litres of water and notifies pet owners via their smartphone when their pet hasn’t had enough to drink.

The data captured by the gadget showing the hourly, daily and weekly drinking pattern for each pet, can then be given to vets to help diagnose health issues.  

Lack of water consumption in pets is one of the biggest concerns amongst pet owners. One third of older cats have some form of kidney disease with lack of water being the most common cause. Pets are often prone to eating as much as they want but when it comes to water, they will only drink when they need it.

The smart water fountain features a three-layer filtration ensuring that the water is always clean and avoids bad smells, and the sloping design makes it easy for pets of all heights to access without soaking their whiskers or hurting their necks. The Pawbo Spring will also notify users when water levels are low making sure pets are never without fresh, clean water.

Unlike other water fountains, the Pawbo Spring is ultra-quiet and its design makes refilling and cleaning simple, claims the manufacturer. The water compartment can easily be lifted out and its rounded corners make cleaning the unit that extra bit easier. 

A camera is also built in so that owners can see their pets having a drink and watch back the footage via the app. When paired with the iPuppyGo, Pawbo’s pet activity tracker, each individual pet can be identified so owners with multiple pets can still monitor water consumption and also see how well they are exercising.

The Pawbo Spring will be available soon from Amazon for £175.

Chris Price