7 Ways To Be A Gent In 2018

The rules of being a gentleman change by the decade, but in 2018 we live in a time where the standard image of a gentleman isn’t as appreciated as it used to be. However, there is still room in this modern age for a gentleman to step up and take charge, and it is never too late to be a gentleman that people will admire.

The word ‘gentleman’ can mean different things these days, with some seeing it as a man who is polite and others thinking of the halcyon men of the early 1930-40’s era. Gentlemen are becoming very hard to find, but it’s really going to depend on your definition of a gentleman as to whether you can even find one now.

The meaning of a gentleman is changing rapidly, so what was once the norm in older traditions, is no longer the norm now. Where men once wore custom tailoring for an evening meal, he now adorns his vehicle with private number plates to show off his style and show the world that he has some class.

Times are changing, and men need to roll with those changes as best they can so that they can keep up. So, if you are a modern man looking to be a gentleman in 2018, you need to be on trend. You need to know what makes a gentleman in the first place.

Just check out these seven ways to be on trend as a gentleman today.

A Gentleman… Has Good Hygiene

The jokes about male hygiene are funny during puberty, but not so funny for a grown man. Taking a shower or a bath every single day isn’t just something that you want to add to your morning routine because it’s a necessity – you should want to do it!

All you need are five minutes to jump in and get cleaned up. Not only do you end up smelling infinitely nicer (and what woman doesn’t want a man who smells good?), you also feel great about yourself for the day. You’ve started your day fresh and ready to take on anything. It can boost your mood and make you feel great for the rest of the day.

A Gentleman… Is Always On Time

Being late is rude. There is no other way to word it but being late without giving prior notice is rude. Gentlemen are not rude. Being late shows a complete lack of respect for the person that you were late for, and it implies that their time is worth less than yours.

It doesn’t matter whether you are meeting up with ladies or gents, you need to make sure that you are managing your time effectively. If there is no way around being late for an occasion or meeting, you need to give advance notice so that people are not waiting around for you.

A Gentleman… Has Good Manners

This is true for a man whether it’s the 1950s or the current age. Manners matter. It’s always polite to say please and thank you, and it’s important to treat people in the same manner that you wish to be treated yourself.

Hold doors open for people – no matter their gender – and always behave politely on social media. Scathing remarks and impolite comments are going to be remembered, so make sure your manners are on point.

Lastly, a gentleman does not swear. It can be tempting in certain situations, but a gentleman has more self-respect than displaying a foul mouth.

A Gentleman… Has Good Style

A true gentleman has a sense of style and he owns it. A gentleman owns a good suit or two for occasions and dresses appropriately for his body shape. Going to a tailor and having jackets altered to suit is important for a good sense of style.

Don’t be too out there when you choose your clothing colour palette and go for a more toned down and natural colour scheme to impress.

A Gentleman… Remains In Control

Nobody can control the world around them, but you can control your reactions to certain situations. Gentlemen keep cool and calm in all situations and remain in control on evenings out.

Too much alcohol is a big no-no, as this can loosen you too much and make you lose control. No one wants to be sloppy around their friends. Restraint is important to be respectful of yourself and people around you.

A Gentleman… Is Kind

Courteous behaviour is so important, and kindness is not something that is often recognized but always appreciated. It’s not a performance but should be something that you live by.

Always call to follow up a meeting or a date and always be respectful during a conversation; allowing someone else to finish their sentence first before jumping in. Simple etiquette is so important, and it carries weight whether it’s 1918 or 2018.

Offering to help those in need around you, such as those moving into the same building you live in, with boxes that look heavy or offering to carry the bags of a friend who isn’t managing are great examples of kindness.

A Gentleman… Is The Best Version Of Himself

Being the best person that you can be who stays true to himself is so important. You are the mark you leave in the world and your behaviour and manners are going to say a lot about you.

No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to be the best. A gentleman always knows his limits and yet tries to further himself as much as possible. A gentleman is always himself and is always trying to stay polite and make people around him feel comfortable and happy.

Look within yourself to find your best qualities and maximise them. If you don’t feel you are respectful of others, work on that. It’s all about self-improvement to be a modern day gentleman – embrace it!

Chris Price