Vice Capos

Capos for true artists by Vice Capos

If you are an artist, a lover of music or just a beginner, Vice Capos has the perfect capo for you. Vice Capos is Australia’s number 1 capo store with a large range of performance, premium, tuner and basic capos.

Choose from capos, tuner capos and premium capos – browse the full range here.

Don’t miss out! Vice Capos have just launched their new novelty range featuring shark and crocodile capos in multiple premium colours. This makes playing the guitar more creative and playful or giving that perfect got more rememberable.

In addition to offering an affordable selection of capos, all items are stocked and shipped from their warehouse in Brisbane. As a result, customers can enjoy fast shipping, and easy exchanges and returns.

To browse the full range of capos, please visit today.

Chris Price