All Saints’ Nicole Appleton announces PetScene, a social ‘petwork’ for your furry friends

Seems there’s no end to our love of pets! Not content in giving them human names, dressing them up in coats and even little booties, we’re now giving them their own social network, or should that be petwork. London-based app developer Second Screen has partnered with All Saints star and former wife of Liam Gallagher, Nicole Appleton, to launch PetScene App – an exclusive social network app for pets.

Designed with a simple interface, the app allows pet owners to set up profiles for their pets and connect with others around the world. Its functions enable users to share photos, videos and comments about their furry friends in the app’s Newsfeed and Discover sections.

Collaborating with Nicole Appleton, Second Screen has brought to life her inspiration to create a community of like-minded people in one place – a ‘petwork’. Not only that, but pet owners will be able to find local pet-friendly events and activities to join, as well as getting advice from others.

Says Niall Green, CEO of Second Screen:

We’re absolutely delighted to collaborate with Nicole Appleton on PetScene. There’s no doubt that people love seeing and sharing their adored pictures of pets on social media, so we’re thrilled to be able to provide a unique way of sharing this content and create a platform that engages this community exclusively – all in one place. We’re sure this concept of a social ‘petwork’ will be a hit.”

Adds Nicole Appleton:

“I wanted to combine people’s love for their pets and their passion for sharing cute pet photos into one app. PetScene does this and offers a fun and interactive social network dedicated solely to pets. It’s perfect for people to connect in a lighthearted way.”

The free app is currently available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, pet owners can set up profiles using basic information and post photos or videos of their pets which then appear in their Newsfeed.

Second Screen offers a customisable white-label service which connects talent, events and fans. Every custom-built app developed by Second Screen is designed to bring fans closer to their favourite events, festivals and artists, by allowing users to interact directly with exclusive content.

To find out more visit and download the PetScene app via the following links: 

Chris Price