Tips to choose the right bed for growing children

In the life of every parent there comes a time when they have to get a bed for their kids after having had a cot. Should that be a toddler bed or a single bed? Should it be on a slatted or on an ensemble base? The latex or innerspring mattress?

Whatever you are looking for, it important to choose a mattress and pillow that works well for the spinal health of the growing body of the child. It is also important to follow the expert advice below. 

Not all bed are created equal

It is a fact that there are different single beds available for kids and they are created differently. It is important to consider the age and weight of the child when buying the bed. Moreover. it is important to ensure that the transition should happen between 18-36 months so that the children have enough time to get familiar with the bed.

Beds with innersprings

It is important to choose innerspring mattresses rather than the normal pure foam ones. These kinds of mattresses offer the best skeletal support and best comfort and therefore ensure better sleep.

Foam mattresses on the other hand lack supportive properties like latex. As children’s bodies keeps on changing with age, this type of mattress is not recommended for them. Again slatted base models can be better compared to ensemble ones providing the slats are not more than five centimetres apart.

Today, a large range of junior beds is available on the market. You can check a few at Bed SOS.

Don’t invest too much in toddler beds

While toddler beds are an essential frame to ensure that the baby does not roll out of bed, the downside is that children quickly overgrow them. For a child who is transitioning to a junior bed, a toddler bed can be a good option.

As spines grow during the period of 18 to 36 months these kinds of beds can definitely be a good idea. However, what matters most is the mattress. Opting for a single bed can save expense in the long run and you can explore options here.

Support for spine is crucial

Proper support the for spine is needed when a chil is sleeping. It is important that the neck and spine remains in the neutral position. Maintaining this position will help to reduce stress on the spine and relaxes it. This helps in proper growth of the spine.

Maintaining cleanliness is very important

It is important to ensure that the beds are properly treated for dust mites before they are used for children. It is important to follow certain good habits like changing bed sheets regularly.  Airing out the bed regularly when changing the sheets is also important.

Investing in growing child’s bed is an important decision both from the health as well as budget perspective. By following these simple rules you can ensure you make the right decision.



Chris Price