6 Things every gamer will want this holiday

If you have friends and family who are notoriously difficult to buy for, you are probably grateful for the gamers in your life. They might play a little too long, sometimes, but gamers are often easy to please—a good video game is all that’s needed.

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, though, maybe you want to go above and beyond. Luckily, there are plenty of options for giving the gamer in your life a gift they won’t soon forget. Whysettle for standard presents when you can make an impression with a unique gaming gift.

Whether the gamer in your life loves action roleplays, competitive sports games or story-based narratives, you are sure to find a present that sparks their interest and shows them how much you care about them. Consider these six suggestions to get some ideas for where to start.

The newest games

What do you get a gamer? Games, of course! This is the most obvious answer to your query, but it’s also likely the most accurate. Gaming fanatics are always on the lookout for the newest video games, and you can satisfy their craving by gifting them an exciting new title. How do you know which games are the right ones, though?

Look for games made by popular studios. Right now, Activision Blizzard is at the top of their game with a slew of top titles. Led by Bobby Kotick, the studio has made their name through innovative gaming experiences.

A new console

Every gamer has their console of choice. Whether it’s an Xbox, PlayStation or PC, it may be difficult to persuade a devoted gamer to try something new. A new console is a perfect gift for gamers who enjoy branching out and playing a variety of different games, though.

This year, there are a myriad of consoles to choose from that offer incredible optics, fantastic game mechanics, immersive gaming and great value. According to CNet, Playstation models grab the top honor, but there are many other options to consider if you want to gift a new console.

Online store credits

Did you know that PlayStation and Xbox both have online stores where gamers can buy add-ons, game features and other goodies? This is where you can get all of the digital goodies you could possibly want and customize your game experience to be exactly what you imagine.

The store can be accessed directly from the console so that gamers can download their goods and use them directly in the games they are playing. A gift card gives credits that gamers can then use to buy additional features. This might be one of the most versatile gifts on the list.

Cool Game merch

Your clothing says a lot about you, and if you love gaming, maybe you want your clothing to announce that. You can upgrade from a generic “I Heart Gaming” shirt, though, and find merchandise themed after your favorite gamer’s favorite games.

Bobby Kotick has expanded the Blizzard Activision empire to include pins, posters, clothes and a range of other items that any gaming fan will love. The only thing better than a great game is a great gift that shows off how much you love that game. Anybody who receives this will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it, too.

New controllers

If the gift recipient in question games on a PC, they will have a range of options to choose from regarding their controller. Some are designed to mimic Xbox and PlayStation controllers, while others are made to be completely unique. Each will produce a different gaming experience, though, and some are certainly superior to others.

What type of controller you should choose generally depends on what kind of games you play most often. If you want to get your gamer a new controller, ask them a few questions about their gaming habits first to better select a model they’ll enjoy.

Gaming decor

As video games have become more and more popular, their reach has extended beyond electronics and into other products. Of course, the aforementioned merchandise is an example of this, but there has also been a recent trend of gaming-themed décor.

You can find lamps, rugs and various another accoutrements for around the home that match some of the most popular games. These items can be found online and in some stores, too, depending on where you shop. If your gamer already has every video game imaginable, maybe a game-themed pillow will be a refreshing surprise to them.

No matter what gift you choose to give, the gaming fanatic in your life will surely appreciate your effort. Shopping for gamers doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know what your options are.

With this list, you should be equipped to snag the perfect present for your gamer and make this holiday a big hit for everybody.

Chris Price