Top 5 valid reasons for getting out of work

Sometimes you need a break from work or you might be tired from a recent vacation and you need an extra day off to recuperate. If you are looking for good reasons to skip work, you can check out a website called

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Here are five valid reasons to get out of work.

  1. Child Is Sick/Child’s Doctor’s Appointment

Working mothers can relate to the need to miss work because of the illness of a child. Or you might miss work because your child’s regular doctor’s appointment falls on a day during hours when you usually work, and that was the only available time that your child’s pediatrician could schedule for that day.

  1. Jury Duty

This is another valid reason to miss work. If you received a notice stating your requirement a few days ahead of time, then you can present this notice to your boss and he/she can see the dates that you will need to be absent.

  1. Car Accident

This could be a life-threatening situation depending on the nature of the accident so this is an acceptable reason for missing work for a few weeks. Just be sure to give your boss an honest account of what happened.

  1. You Are Experiencing a Serious Illness

Here is another great reason to miss work. For example, if you need to spend a few days in the hospital for chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis, this would be a valid reason for not coming to work. Or if you suffered a stroke and need time to recuperate, this is also valid.

  1. Family Celebration

If your older brother is getting married or if your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary party is happening soon, it would be a valid reason to miss work. Work shouldn’t supersede important family milestones and if your boss is unreasonable in this aspect, then it might be time to seek another place of employment. This is especially true if you have a record of consistent quality of work and excellent attendance.

Additional Points on Missing Work

If you know you will miss work for about a week or so, it is wise to prepare in advance. Complete all current tasks by the proper deadlines so that you will not burden co-workers or your boss with them.

Another thing you can do is complete some of your work at home while out if possible so that you will not have an overload of assignments once you return to work. Contact clients and inform them of how long you will be out of work so that they can make other arrangements.


There will be times when you’ll need to miss work for valid reasons. The key is to be honest in your communication with your boss.

Also offer to cover for co-workers who need to miss work periodically because you might need the same help when you won’t be able to come in. Most importantly, use the time off to relax and do self-care so that you will be refreshed upon returning to work.


Chris Price