What to buy the Dad who has everything? We pick 5 unusual gifts for Father’s Day, including a smart watch buckle & James Bond gloves

Quick. There’s not much time to get your Father’s Day presents. Here are a few ideas of quirky gifts to buy the Dad who has everything – well nearly everything. 

SitPack – compact, foldable resting device £45


If your Dad loves the great outdoors, is always on the move or spends endless hours watching your rugby, football or netball matches, he can take a much deserved rest with the Sitpack foldable seat! Sitpack is a high-adjustable foldable seat, which, when folded, looks like a small, inconspicuous cylinder the size of a beer can.

The real magic of Sitpack happens when you unfold the cylinder revealing a 13 inch wide seat, pull out the 34.25 inch telescopic leg which can be adjusted to your height and your seat awaits, letting you stay relaxed leaning in at eye level with your friends! Perfect to pop into his bag and pull out when a much needed break is required.

No more unwieldy fold up chairs to haul around, which blow away and are inclined to collapse quite readily! Sitpack is also perfect to take on holiday, for family camping trips and for the more adventurous dads to take the weight off his feet at festivals.

Smart Buckle, $39.99

Dad looking for a fancy Apple Watch on Father’s Day but your budget won’t stretch quite so far? Here’s a clever compromise. Gooseberry’s Smart Buckle is a wearable tech device which intelligently upgrades your old watch by adding health and fitness features

Designed to fit easily, quickly and discreetly into the strap of almost any watch – from the classy family heirloom you’ve inherited through to the cool new designer timepiece – the Smart Buckle is embedded with state-of-the-art motion sensors and software.

It is engineered to fit standard 20mm leather, rubber and cloth watch bands and can be easily installed to watches with pin or deployment/steel clasp buckles.

Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, it is, claims Gooseberry, an accurate activity tracker. It sports a battery that lasts a week after one quick 60 minute charge.

Smart Buckle is available via Kickstarter at a discounted rate of $39.99.

Synth Kit, £24.99


What do you buy the Dad who’s obsessed with the 1980s? How about this synth kit from Technology Will Save Us. From the classic Atari Punk Console (invented in 1980), to the Stutter and Dub Sirens, this kit contains three synths in one.

Experiment with pitch, frequency and volume to make electronic music like Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode and all at the fraction of a cost of Roland Jupiter 8, Yamaha DX7.

Other electronic kits that are available from Technology Will Save Us include a kit to build your own speaker for £34.99 and a DIY gamer kit for

James Bond Spectre leather driving gloves, £85

What self-respecting Dad wouldn’t want to be James Bond with leather gloves at the wheel? Dents’ Fleming gloves featured in the most recent Bond film, Spectre, back in 2015 on the hands of Daniel Craig himself. They’re English made with unlined hairsheep leather for a closer fit.

They would be the perfect accessory for any Bond fan who enjoys driving with the top down across the countryside!

The Fleming James Bond Spectre Leather Driving Gloves are available to buy online from Amazon for around £85.

Homedics Massage Chair

Using heat and vibrations, the Homedics Vibration Comfort Back Massage Chair Cushion is designed to relax the user at home and on the road, thanks to its car adaptor.

This portable cushion offers both a high and low massage setting to invigorate or relax the muscles and works on the upper, middle and lower back areas. It also provides heat to sooth the muscles as well; a great gift for any dad who is prone to back pain and soreness in the car!

The Homedics Vibration Comfort Back Massage Chair Cushion is available to buy online for around £30.

Chris Price